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Island Beast?

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Island Beast?

Postby Player1Jr » Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:04 am

I was living on an island during this dream. The Main part of the island, where the people lived, was a grassy plain with a few "New York City" styled buildings here and there. There were maybe 14 houses and 2 skyscrapers which is weird now that I say it, but made sense then. Anyway, if you went left from there far enough, there was jungle, then beach. Now, into the story.

Two friends of mine and myself were hanging out a ways from our houses, but still close enough to see them, when we began to walk toward the jungle. It was abrupt, and we did so for no apparent reason. Once we were in the jungle, I noticed that I was alone. Just me, and jungle. I wasn't lost, but I knew I'd never been in this part before. I was standing in the shadow of a tree, and there was a log a few feet away that would have to cross if I wanted to continue. The log was amazingly large, large enough to drive over, barely. A voice in my head told me that I shouldn't be here, and should leave, to go home. It wasn't that I wasn't listening, but as I pondered whether or not to stay, this happened.

Across from me, on the hill that the log crossed to, a monster stepped from a shadow (it was still daytime). I'll try to describe it. Firstly, this was its "general" shape. " :creeping: " The differences were, that it had thick fur on its legs, no arms, and the head made up a third of his body. Also, it was completely purple, except for its face, which looked like a kind, but very old man's was stretched across it. If you are still having a hard time understanding how it looks, I made a rough MS Paint along with the post. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1ijfcpclmg7z ... n.png?dl=0 Here it is.

Not afraid of the monster at all, I didn't run. It looked at me and then made a smiled. It said that I had grown so much since last time we met, and that he'd been waiting for this time to come. It also mentioned my father, but I wasn't paying attention and missed what he said. It politely asked me to follow behind him, and I did. I followed behind him in complete silence for maybe 2 minutes until we passed through the jungle onto the beach on the other side. Strangely it was dark outside. Completely Dark. It had only been two minutes. Anyway, I asked him where we we're going, and he answered that we had arrived. we stopped at the beach, a few feet from the water.

I asked why we were here. It said "just watch" and gave a signal. after a delay, fireworks, all red, shot from somewhere behind us into the ocean. It was amazing to watch...but it felt wrong. I didn't know why until I looked closer. The fireworks were being shot into the ocean, literally the water, but the colors, explosions, and sounds were all still occuring in the sky. For some reason, this "awoke" me from my childlike wonder, and I realized i was a long way from home with a monster. I asked if I was able to leave. The monster gave an unclear, suspicious answer, and mentioned my father again, before it turned its back and began building a fire. I snuck off and ran into the jungle, but before I made it out of sight, it made eye contact with me and aske, in the nicest voice, "Where do you think you're going?". I was terrified.

I ran all the way from the jungle to the area where the house were. It took longer than two minutes. I hadn't seen the beast that whole time. I ran to the house where my two friends lived. For some reason, we had all became kids. (I'm 16, but during the dream i realized that I was 11 or so. So were my friends.) There were no adults in their house. I asked where they were, and the two replied that they had a meeting. I ran from their house to mine, still not spotting the beast, ran upstairs. No parents. I took their phone, went into the closet, and locked myself in. I noticed that the closet door had a gap at the top, so the door didnt quite reac the top, but it wasn't anything i worried about. Keeping completely silent, I dialed the police and told them everything. They completely believed me and said they were on the way. I began to dial my father. Instantly, I could feel the monster's presence on the other side of the door. It hadn't made a sound, and neither had I. I thought that if I stayed completely quiet, it would look elsewhere...

A furry, purple, long arm snaked through the gap at the top of the door and grabbed me by te neck. I screamed for my life and awoke.
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