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I'm trying to survive, there are zombies,

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

I'm trying to survive, there are zombies,

Postby Ewelamb Lover » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:23 pm

It started with one man getting sick. He was talking to his wife in the hospital when everything went wrong. Convulsions and blood splattering everywhere. The doctors were the first infected and they were dying in horrific ways. The mans wife came to see what happened and a small bit of blood got her. She became an undead but still sentient and herself. She got into her headthough that some other infected woman was the culprit and vowed revenge.
The world is getting infected left and right because this woman was crazy for blood.
My uncle was the first of the family to turn. My dad was nowhere to be seen and my mom was someplace. I was with my friends trying to survive in a hotel. Freaking out and staying away from windows being as inconspicuous as possible cuz these things have excellent smell.
Somehow I was out of the room and was freaking cuz one of the doors that led to where we hid was open and unblocked. So I tried putting things back but my foot got caught on a vacuum (one of this crappy hotel ones that has that random hook) and a woman that was in no hurry at all in the zombie place spotted me. So I played it cool and slowed down to make myself seem like a zombie. She came up to me "having trouble dear?"
"Yeah," so she helped me out and told me there was a small gathering of them in the music room and it'll be fun. Well I couldn't say no without raising suspicion so I agreed and followed. She linked her arm in mine and we walked to the gathering.
She was definitely a zombie, I could smell the rot off her, and I prayed that she had horrible sense of smell. We walked in the room and it looked like they had a sort of concert that just ended and zombues of various stages of for were mingling and leaving and such. I said I wanted to play the piano so she left me to go mingle and I pretended to play.
Well the lady came up to me a bit later saying that we had to leave because the extreme zombies were coming and if they didn't leave soon there would be carnage. I said ok and turned and there was my mom. She came up to me and linked her arm in mine and said "there you are, been looking for you," and I was freaking out but mom squeezed my arm reassuringly. She had come to rescue me but the woman was close and we couldn't leave get so she guided us away with the crowd but she kept giving me these weird looks.
Mom was starting to worry and kept whispering "they're sense of smell, we have to leave before they tear us apart." "They have ears too, hush." And the woman told us to wait and went across the hall to talk to some extreme zomvies in their territory (it was a choir of pale children practising with their director, they were freakishly pale) and many of the zombies with us were like "what is she doing? She's going to get herself killed again but worse" and my heart froze because
She knew.
And she was going to ambush everyone in the hotel.
And that was when I woke up. Can someone please interpret?
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Ewelamb Lover
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Re: I hid amongst zombies to survive

Postby Sheena » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:37 pm

The zombie imagery is conventional; means nothing.
Theme of the story is people 'turning on' the dreamer, denoting betrayal or rejection, which to many is worth than death, as was spoken in the dream. Also spoken to self is the admission of having trouble (= inadequacy), and the relational wish to be sought out, or is it a more basic attachment wish to be seen. "Ears - hush" reads like a form of hiding which is shame. Perhaps that is how dreamer has been living and is the source for the unresolved current matters that inspire dreaming.

'amongst' is pretentious. Lose it.
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