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Unusual nightmare. Need help.

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Unusual nightmare. Need help.

Postby SStatiXX » Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:03 pm

So I just woke up from a nightmare not too long ago. I couldn’t wake myself up from it either,

This nightmare is me running from a man through different dreams with different weather patterns and ‘fields’ as I call them. I knew my appearance and I didn’t need to even look at myself. I was wearing an off white hospital gown, the bottom was shredded and torn from my running. There was also a black mark on my collar bone. It seemed tattooed on. Where I started running I can’t remember. I do remember hiding. I hid with people. They tried to hide me when he came but they got killed. So I had to run again. It was a summer field that I was running through, it was so hot my feet were burning. It felt horrible. I felt I had to keep running or he would hurt me and then take me. I remember a rain field where a woman was helping me, I was covered in scrapes. Most being on my knees. She brought me into her home from the rain and helped me. He came quicker this time, she told me to run. So I did. I didn’t want to see her die too, though I know she would. The last people who were helping me had this truck. We were trying to drive away from him but it was a snow field so his truck slipped while we were driving over a bride. We fell to the empty creek bottom and they had both died by the fall. I crawled out the top and he was waiting there. Just. Standing, Like he knew I didn’t die too. I went to run but he grabbed me this time. He had drugged me with something. I pushed him away and started running again. I ran into these apartments that were just next to it, whatever he gave me had started to effect me. The ground was already Icy so i was slipping and falling a lot. I felt dizzy and I felt myself going numb. I saw the front gates of the apartments and I pushed to run faster. I was so close to the gate before my legs gave out. They felt numb. I could barley feel them, at this point I couldn’t even push myself up. He was there. He had this needle with him. I didn’t know what it was but I also felt like I did. It burned when he put it in my arm. Like a hot oil burn going through my whole body. I started crying only my tears were black. He started dragging me by the arms telling me that that was punishment for running away. I’m sure he was pulling me towards a car of some sort cause I heard two doors open. Before he reached it I saw this. Mass. Though you obviously couldn’t tell if it was male or female I felt it was a man. His head was replaced by an animal skull, his body was just a mass that looked like a cloak was draped over it. His arms were somewhat long, he held out a hand. Like he wanted me to take it. I felt the need to go with him. I felt like I had to. I couldn’t even lift my arm though. The rest of that part is static but the last parts of this was him. Walking with me, holding his hand. We were walking through a street, it went to this field of dead grass. I felt myself waking up and I kept saying ‘I don’t want to wake up’ or ‘please don’t let me wake up’ the last thing I said was ‘I want to stay here’. I woke up fully and was kinda freaking out. I still kind of am. There’s something that scares me too. I could hear and speak in this. I can never do that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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