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Innocent dream turns into nightmare

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Innocent dream turns into nightmare

Postby DogsAreCool » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:24 am

Sorry if this doesn't make sense during some parts, I was trying to write this as fast as I could before I forgot the whole dream.

I was trying to sneak into a vampires castle to see the vampire without getting caught by any of his servants or friends.
I made it to the center of the house in the living room he was in. He was pacing around the room and I was afraid he'd see me even though I wanted to talk to him I just didn't know how.
I was sitting behind the couch trying to figure out what to do when he looks over the back directly at me. He picked me up by the back of my shirt with only one hand and he demands to know what I'm doing there. I told him I'm still in love with him and he smiles and hugs me and says we can try to work it out.
We go outside into the city streets. It was night. There was a little restaurant on the steps in front of the castle. We speak to a waitress about wine. Something happens.
I have to or I accidentally or I willingly go down into some kind of demonic dimension. I have to complete trials (may or may not have been so I could win over the vampires love) Most of which involve defeating small demons. Until the last trial.
I'm in a small room fighting the little daemons when a trap door opens above me and spill blood all over me and then sucks me through to the final trial. I am in a medium sized room of pure white tile. The floor has what appeared to be lava streams or sometimes appears to be blood flowing through the tile. There was islands breaking up the streams also made from white tile on which the tortured bodies of the last people to take he trial sat. Some didn't have any arms or legs. All of them were dying and emaciated. In the river there were demons hat looked like people but with really tall, skinny legs that shouldn't of been able to hold them up. They had black eyes or bright red eyes. They were the ones who inflicted the wounds and tortured the people in the room and when they decided that the person could take no more they dragged them into the streams, having lost the trial. One of them picked me up and walked me over to a little island. I watched as the demons poked and prodded and even crushed the skull of another person but they didn't do anything to me. They just watched. A man in a blue sweatshirt and ball cap sitting cross from me started yelling insults at me. He said he used to work for Nikon before he came down here and I would never amount to any thing he has achieved. A demon walked up behind him, grabbed his head and pulled him into the stream.
Don't really remember what happened after that but I do know I never died in the weird white room.
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