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Please help me figure this out

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Please help me figure this out

Postby J-MyZ » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:58 am

Sorry this is quite lengthy but can someone just atleast give me their take on this, I just dont understand it. Nothing like this has happened to me before but I swear they mean something.


Dream 1: I don't recall the events of the beginning of this dream, I do know that it was extremely frightening because I woke up shaking and afraid in my bed. I got out of my bed covering the backs of my ankles suspecting something to grab me from under my bed. I yelled for my mom "MOM!" and walked towards my door, I opened it and walked out. my vision was blurry, I thought because I just woke up, across the hall from me was my mom standing in her doorway. However I could only see her figure and no features. I apologized to her for yelling and told her it was because of an extreme nightmare, she had no response, I repeated saying "mom" and then I yelled at her as she stood not moving. "MOM I CANT HEAR YOU?" I grew anxious and walked towards her, she emerged quickly from the shadows and tried to grab me.. it was not my mom, it was what looked to be some type of demonic creature. (I was dreaming the entire time, I never woke up). I awoke from my dream as it tried to grasp me, I immediately jumped out of my bed and ran to my parents bed checking all corners quickly, my mom awoke and made room for me to lye next to her she asked me what was wrong, I lye on my back and I explained the dreams I had exactly as I described previously. At the end of my long explanation my mom replied and said "it sucks that you got chased by a monster in a mall.." I angrily and confusingly replied and said "Mom!? Weren't you listening? You are the monster!?" At that moment she rolled over and grabbed me and tried to get on top me as I quickly realized it was not my mom again, it was the same creature as before pretending to be my mom......

-At this moment I finally and actually awoke from my sleep realizing that all of that was a dream, a long string of correlating dreams that all made me think I was awaking from a nightmare. It felt so real, it was by far the scariest dream I have ever had, when I actually awoke I was questioning if I was really awake or still in the nightmare.. This is all I remembered at this time.

Dream 2: Im asleep having a nightmare as I awaken from the dream, I am violently scared in my bed looking at my almost pitch black room. I sit up letting my feet dangle off of my bed I yell for my mom "MOM?" I begin to hear an extremely loud and drowning noise that is indescribable, It sounded like a deep droning sound at first but soon sounded like something I have never heard before. I covered my ears with my hands and began to shake like I was having a seizure, not from the sound but because I was that scared, I have never felt such a feeling of fear before. I stand up and attempt to yell for my mom again but I find myself screaming for my mom as loud as possible but no sound was coming out, All I could here was the noise in my head, I begin to violently pound the wall trying to make any noise possible so that my mom would come to help me. The sound takes over and I begin seizing again. It finally ends as I throw my door open and run to my parents room. (The following events I have forgotten unfortunately) next I find myself walking into my parents room in the morning and looking out the window beside my moms bed, I see a square hole in the ground on the side of my house, it was quite large, I described it as an excavation site because it had two orange construction barrels at the entrance to the deep hole. I pushed my moms shoulder to wake her, she awoke and I asked her about the hole but she disregarded my question as I interrupted her with "and your window is open a crack". Her startled, looks over and confusingly looks at the crack, i look down and see two insects on her dresser, I pointed them out and she immediately jumped out of bed disgusted by the bugs. As we look around the room we see a multitude of nasty insects covering the floor in her room. We left as fast as we could. (The rest of my dream is quite spotty as I could not recall some of the events..) i find myself outside of a house at nighttime lying in a gazebo with open windows, there was a bed inside which I was lying on, I look up to the right and see a house window peering through a gap in the trees, the house looked familiar somehow. For some reason I jumped out of the gazebo bed fearing insects would infest it because of the open windows, as my parents room was infested. Next I find myself in the "familiar" house sitting next to my two good friends Edwin and billy, jokingly talking about something as usual. I interrupt and say "something weird is happening.." they ask whats wrong and I perfectly describe all of the events of dream 1 to them... (i described an entirely long and complicated dream that I had two nights ago in a new separate dream..?????) Edwin replies jokingly with a hint of seriousness "I mean I can sleep in your room with you of u want?" And I didn't respond as "the noise takes over my hearing once again, I begin to seize on the floor covering my ears, my friends nervously try to comfort me but don't know how..

-This is all I recall from this dream, once again I kept re awaking in a continuous dream that felt so real, I think that I am awaking to real life but it is just another nightmare I am being thrown in to. When I finally and actually awoke from this dream I grabbed the knife under my pillow and sat in my bed stunned as to how these dreams are possible and trying to decipher the meaning. At the same time I am insanely scared because I am questioning if I am actually awake or just in another segment of my nightmare. When I wake up from these it feels as though I am losing my sense for reality and fiction... the worst part is I know these dreams mean something, all segments correlate and both dreams 1 & 2 have similarities and very odd occurrences. I will describe them below, I cant tell if they are symbols or signs.

SOUND- dream 1: "I CANT HEAR YOU?" "Weren't you listening?"
Dream 2: "The noise." Not being able to be heard.

MOM- dream 1: "the monster." "A shadow" "a demon"
Dream 2: cant hear my screams, not helping me. Not the monster, as far as I know

BROTHER- not sure where he fits in but I remember him in both dreams, in dream 1 I met his friend who looked "identical" to him. I said "what the heck u do look mad similar". In dream 2 I see him and his identical friend lying on their backs on the floor i approach them and have a hard time figuring out which one is my brother, i can only tell by their clothing.

EXCAVATION SITE- I first remembered seeing this in dream 2, but after awakening I realize that I saw it in dream 1 somehow in the same place. However in dream 2 it was deeper and more thoroughly dug out. What is it?? And why does it become deeper in dream 2?? I know that is where the insects came from that infested my parents room in dream 2. I know this means something.

DREAM DESCRIPTION- I just don't understand how it is possible for me to perfectly recall all of the events of a separate dream I had two nights prior in a dream...
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DM Lurker
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Re: Please help me figure this out

Postby Sheena » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:47 pm

The first part of dream is separation anxiety regards 'mom'.
The rest continues this plus dreamer can not stand on her own: inherent vulnerability and fatal dependency.
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