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End of the World????

PostPosted: Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:22 am
by peachyjanelle
it was the end of the world. the earth was supposed to condense and blow up. everyone was going crazy and trying to find their loved ones. we all only had an hour until it happened. we were in a neighborhood at night gathering everyone. the dream jump cuts into a smaller house on the country side. there's at least 20 people there all curling up together. me and my boyfriend are in the closet crying. I see it start to happen. everyone is slowly shrinking and seeming to accept it. then it all stops. everyone is dead except a few. but there is no fire or blowing up like they said. I get up and walk outback to my mom. the patio is actually the patio from my house. she's looking up at the clear blue sky with 2 ravens flying away, and says "well I guess we were too short to shrink anymore" and smiles, I sniffle and hug her then go inside. my boyfriend stands up and hugs me, we look at the painting in the middle of the room. it's an old Renaissance painting with a large gold frame. there is "the lovers" tarot card wedged upright it the corner. there's 5 people in the picture. and I see that three of the five people from the painting are the people who are still alive. we all relate to the painting as "the prophecy." during all of this, everyone is calm including me. my boyfriend and i walk back to "my room" and I see my phone with many messages on it from my friends saying goodbye. I don't reply to them. I put my phone in my pocket. my mom, boyfriend and I begin to walk down the long country road outside. we can see the end of the road on either side. no houses or anything. we just walk. I suspect we were going to find the other 2 people from the prophecy. :? :?