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What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.


Postby mewzyqueue » Wed May 31, 2017 1:36 pm

I know there was more to this dream, but the part where I "woke up" and started to remember it was when I met this man. He had brown hair and wore steampunk glasses. In this dream I was playing the role of a tall, thin girl, with long, wavy blonde hair. He was trying to help me get away. I don't know who I was trying to hide from, but he was nice.

There was a small door above one of his shelves that he helped me get up to. I was surprised I could fit through. It looked so small. It opened to a brightly colored area and so I kept going. I don't remember much of what happened. I know at least a day passed with me exploring the various areas. I went through a few doors until I went through the "wrong" one. That door lead indoors. There was another man there. At first he didn't know I was there, so I tried to hide. It didn't work. He noticed me and came after me. I was terrified and scrambled to get away.

I ran back along the path I had taken to get to the "wrong door" and the angry man was hot on my heels. I felt like I had seen something I wasn't supposed to. Once I found the golden door leading back to the kind gentleman I was filled with relief, but I couldn't fit through the doorway anymore. He was shocked to see me back there. Especially since I had attempted to come bursting back through the door only to get stuck. Thankfully, that didn't stop him from helping me. He did something to help me fit back through (I assumed I had eaten something to make me grow bigger) and I was able to shut the door before the angry man could come through. I remember thanking the kind gentleman and still being afraid that the other man could get to me. Yet despite that, I thought this place was now my home. That's when I opened my eyes and had a splitting headache. Still do actually. Lol
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Re: Mewzyqueue in Wonderland

Postby Superman1 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:13 pm

Looks like it might be to do with getting away from old anger, to nicer brighter emotions, or a better world.
But maybe you didn't explore this, so went the wrong way again, or you had to see what was wrong inside you to fix this.
Hiding didn't work, nor running, and you were scared.

This made it hard to go the golden nice way, where you can't fit if you don't choose do it, so you got stuck.
But if you grow (dreamily ironic that made you fit through the door), you can shut the door to anger, which you'd be thankful for.
This is where you live, or where you were at, your reality - splitting your head in two instead of peacefully the one way you want to go.

Maybe you thought you shouldn't see the new way, which could mean taking charge or standing up, because it's scary, or like not expected of a girl, you are so used to the other way, yet that would give you peace.
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