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Demon Dreams and Attacks

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Demon Dreams and Attacks

Postby Leiura » Thu May 18, 2017 12:24 am

This is an odd situation, perhaps even paranormal as the series of events took place within the same week. This took place about 1-2 months ago. Before I start, I'd like to put up a quick note about the religious stances that my mother, my sister,
and I have.
My mother is a strong Christian and has been for a long time.
My sister considers herself spiritual (not really christian, more of the "we are gods" crowd. Whatever that is.)
And for myself, while I was raised Christian, I distanced myself from it in my teen years until some time last year (I am 29 now). And even then I haven't done as much walking with Christ as I should have.

First Event

I find myself in a place that's completely white. You can't even tell there's a floor but I know it's there because I'm standing on it. I'm looking through my eyes in this dream and even though I don't see her, I can feel I am holding my 2 year old daughter.
In front of me is standing a male figure a few yards off. I can't see his face or make out the details in his clothing. He is standing still. As he stands there I watch as a black smoke starts to leave his body. As more and more of it leaves it begins to condense and take on a humanoid form next to him. It has a face but I can't recall what it looked like, other than it wasn't human. It launches itself at me and my daughter and fear takes hold of me. I start to pray out, very loudly, to Yeshua to protect us. As I'm doing this the entity is pushing against us, trying to get into us but to no avail but the attack continues. I keep praying, confused that it's still attacking us, so I begin to repent, asking for forgiveness.

I suddenly wake up (irl) , praying very loudly, my heart racing, and I'm sweating.

Now the following happens to my sister (who lives in the same house) just two days later:

Second Event

I'm at work when I get a phone call from my sister. When I pick up she's freaking out, hysterical on her end of the line. (This is RL, not in a dream.) When I manage to calm her down she begins to tell me of a supernatural experience in her room she had literally just experienced that lasted for a few hours.

She was trying to fall asleep when she heard something pick up her cat food bag off the floor then drop it. She then hears it, whatever it is, move around the room, talking in a foreign language. This goes on for a while. Next thing she knows it sits down in her desk chair (she describes it as seeing the chair literally "sink" as if someone had sat in it. And she's not referring to the cushion on the seat. It's one of those desk chairs with the lever for height adjustments.) She tries to ignore it and go back to sleep but it suddenly gets up and her chair spins around and hits her desk. It begins to say her name over and over while laughing hysterically right next to her ear.

At this point she's now experiencing what some might describe as "sleep paralysis", she's unable to move her body but fully awake and coherent. This goes on and off for the next four hours.

Finally, before she regains control of her body, she feels this thing get on top of her, pushing into her chest and the bed beneath her pushing harder against her while continuing with the name repeating, laughing, and foreign language. At one point it even touched her thighs. The thing finally releases her when she begins to scream in her head for "Yahweh to help."

And just 3 days after this, my mother has a dream of a demon very similar to mine. The part that really got me was that neither my sister or I told her what had happened to us. It was only after my mother told us her dream did we confess about our experiences.

Third Event

My mom is standing in our living room. She's holding my daughter. In front of the chimney is a smokey black figure. It stands there, doing nothing for a few moments before launching itself at my mother. When my mother see's this, she begins to fight back, commanding it to "go away in the name of Jesus".

My mom wakes up, still verbally commanding the demon to leave.

I am not someone who normally experiences the paranormal. Not even in dreams (at least, not until I started to come back into the "fold" of Christianity. I've had some weird ones since.) There were a few paranormal experiences in our house growing up but we thought it was all over for the longest time until this happened.
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