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Lots of small dreams interlocking into 1

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Lots of small dreams interlocking into 1

Postby chris1983 » Tue May 09, 2017 12:36 am

Ok so this dream conusts of many small interlocking dreams. I was in a what can only be described as an apocalyptic waste land. I saw a burnt out car must have been burnt out 100 years ago. In it there were 5 humanoids they had what looked like boney plates over there face and they were entirely dark blue. I just knew these beings were called the Kramps. They were standing up in this car singing the Aladdin theme song from the cbeebies channel. It's an upbeat trance tube that in all go honesty I like. I turn around and I'm underground i step off a ledge onto my floating sleigh (hell yeah) im going to do an inspection for work (which makes sence apart from the sleigh) then in a flash I'm back on this planet again. I see from an aerial view a hill and a tree, flying around this year are huge giant moths about 6ft in height (I hate moths). Then I'm at my flat and my uncle is there. He has an oxygen mask on. I turn the gas fire on and then someone tells me it's leaking CO2 so I panick, for my uncle's safety and I open all the windows. I would like to point out my uncle died years ago from lukemia. Then im sitting on my sofa watching the Kramps (from the start of my dream) when my ex girfriend (who still lives with me in real life) comes in crying about someone at the door. I open it and there is a tall ginger man prob about 6ft 7. He hands me a small jiffy bag and then tried to walk in the flat. I struggle to hold him back I scream for help (as I live in a block of flats) then I say to my ex "get me the hammer" (which is what I would do in real life) then I wake up in a cold sweat. Such a weird nightmare seems like many little ones that all combine into one main dream
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Re: Lots of small thoughts interlocking into 1

Postby Superman1 » Wed May 10, 2017 10:30 pm

Yes this one is jam-packed with changes.

Well the apocalyptic waste land is after the end of the world usually, and perhaps you used to feel burnt out or when anger took over.
Boney plates are usually for protection, and these were on the face of a group within that vehicle. This may darken connection or communication with others.
The Kramps was very funny. Sounds like an Eddie Murphy film. Here Come The Kramps. It's also hilarious because there are 5 of them kramped in this burnt out car. But it might mean feeling cramped.
But standing up, you liked the upbeat trance music that likely means uniting people and feeling good.

So this might be what turns you around, or to go another direction you might not normally go, off a ledge like having faith onto wanting to float, like the trance idea, getting out of yourself, and flying smoothly and freely. Maybe you inspect working at this.
Then in a flash you are back in this planet, or to make it real.

Again, from high up, you see another high thing - a hill - which can mean aspiring, getting higher up. And the tree to grow strongly over a long time in this, and that maybe branches out in order to grow.
But also high up in the air are what you hate which is human-sized. So you probably don't want the darkness a moth might also mean, but are attracted to the light. Or maybe you hated this aloneness the single tree might represent, or liked it, and hated the group idea if moths might mean that.

Then at home it's like you need more air, or its hard to sustain, or you're dying inside, and in panic maybe you need warmth, or get angry, and it can poison you. So you need proper life-giving air. This is when you watch The Kramps, who were in the burnt out car before.
Then you are sad, maybe regarding a part of yourself that relates to others which your ex may mean. Because maybe anger was let in, if ginger hair thought means angry thought, which you struggle to hold back.
He handed you a jiffy bag which is a padded envelope for protecting fragile items in the post. That implies distant communication that can tie in with the face-protection, and maybe some fragile feelings, I fear.
But then your solution seems to be fight fire with fire, or force, and maybe asking your ex for the hammer shows an anger at such separation, where the feminine or emotion/relating self she can represent in you should be gentle, which made you wake up cold.
The Ginger guy could also mean warm thought, which if you think about it anger is the extreme of.
Hope that all isn't too harsh and helps.

Yes, maybe like many little aspects of yourself that all combine into one you.
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