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I lost part of myself then I woke up

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

I lost part of myself then I woke up

Postby le_jorgee » Fri May 05, 2017 10:09 am

I lost part of myself, then I woke up...

I've been having "out of this world" dreams ever since I was a little kid but this time it was different I was exposed to the wonders of being a father, now I get it "WTH" how is being a father a "wonder" since I'm only 21, and don’t have any kids or have any experience or would ever dream of having my own kid or feeling a child’s affection and calling me "dad", but in those brief moments I was the happiest man ever, although…it wouldn't last. This dream or "nightmare" all started in a car ride discussion with my wife who wanted us to take our daughter to a festival/carnival, but in this reality, we were living in a terror feared L.A. where there had been terror attacks happening more and more frequently, and so I was against going to a big festivity in fear or being in that situation where we would be attacked, it being a good target because of the large crowd. Like usually to make my wife happy and of course my new daughter, I caved in and agreed to go. We got home and I’ll never forget the little girls smile as I told her the news, she was so excited and gave me a smile that is like the strongest drug ever it made forget all the hardships, problems, evils of the world, and most of all it made me feel like I had a little angel giving me strength to fight on whatever was thrown at me. The next day we arrived at the festival/carnival and it was amazing it kind of looked like a Disneyland/LEGOLAND mix where the rides and attraction where walking areas, we decided to take the one with the corn maze/water attractions with little guns that threw water at you, I was in front with my daughter since me and her liked to go ahead and explore, while my Wife and her parents were behind us, we ran so far ahead that when I looked back and couldn’t see my wife or her parents so we waited and I didn’t notice I was standing next to a water spout and got blasted with water, my daughter couldn't stop laughing at me so I picked her up and waited for the next water blast, but...it never came as I had her in my arms a small propeller plane descended but this didn’t look like a show plane which they have at special celebrations, this plane felt off, like oil on water but it landed and from the closer look I saw the the gleaming stare of a pair of Gatling guns which stared right at me and everyone there, usually they say when you face your death your life flashes before your eyes, but the only thing that hit me was a splash of water which immediately made me react I threw myself on the floor and with my daughter in my arms and got inside the corn field, all I could hear were peoples screams as the roaring sound of the bullets filled the atmosphere. It felt as if all the pandemonium would never end and I hoped my wife and her family had gotten out in time or had gotten to cover, the plane continued to drive around and I could hear it behind me and I felt the scorching of the bullets pass over my head I got lost in the noise, my eyes were closed when I felt something was wrong I opened my eyes and realized my daughter was gone, everything was numb so I never felt when she got away, I looked up and started panicking and I kept saying to myself “how can she have gotten away?”, if I was holding her, then out of the bloom I heard "look daddy" and I turn to see my daughter holding up a flower and smiling with an unworldly feel, and it filed me with such joy, such relief, but it only last a second when I notice the wound on her forehead, it looked as if a bullet had skimmed her and she was losing allot of blood, I grabbed her and she collapsed in my arms, seeing her like this hurt more than any pain I’ve felt before ,she was the only thing in the world that kept me going I began to lose my mind, I tried to stop the bleeding by tying part of shirt to her forehead, but (she started to lose her divine light and) started going pale. Just then I heard two men get out the plane and they were searching for survivors and I knew if I moved they’ll find me and my daughter, but if I stay they’ll also find me so I wait and focus on keeping my daughter alive I know the police and ambulance isn’t far off because I can hear the alarms being deployed, but these guys are on a suicide mission because they don’t retreat they’re killing of any stragglers I hear them getting closer, so close they’re right in front of me, one of them keeps going thaw other decides to look exactly where I’m hiding I decide to grab a corn stalk and throw it so maybe he’ll go off in another direction but they’re not as gullible as I wished, then as he gets closer I hide my daughter and decide if I can distract them and keep them on myself they can’t find her here and shell have chance, I wanted to give her what she gave me every day, a little piece of life, a little piece of me. I get ready just then he turns around and shoots behind him, he gives me his back and I grab him by the neck and squeeze until I hear a crack ad he goes numb, his back is soaked and I realize the water spout that was getting us soaked saved my life, I grab his gun and hear his partner run to where the shot was fired, he arrives and sees his buddy on the floor numb and cold...dead, that was his last sight, I shot him and he dropped right beside his buddy. I knew there was one more the pilot because heard the plane open and someone else got out but I didn’t wait like the last two I ran towards him tackled him to the ground then shot him twice on his kneecaps and once in each hand, I didn’t want him to have a quick death I wanted him to feel like the garbage he was, I got up looked around and took in the horror of everything, families, friends, lovers, children, moms, dads, grandparents, all dead, hundreds of people killed because people like this think of human life as worthless beings, but I didn’t have time to keep staring I rushed back for my daughter, I grabbed her and rushed out of there running through the gore and agony of the dead families around me, I looked down at my daughter who was still breathing but looked very pale, her bleeding had stopped but I was still worried I screamed for help as the sirens grew closer and closer I got the front entrance where he plaza was, and relieved that people had made it out, I looked for the ambulance or a paramedic to help me with my daughter, I heard people yelling to ask me if anyone was alive, but I didn’t need to say anything the lifeless stare of eyes and spoke a thousand words, then out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife and her parents, they were unharmed and were flabbergasted as they saw me running with my daughter in my arms, looking lifeless, smiles, but alive as we all reunited, I told them we needed to find a doctor and take her to the hospital, they took me to the paramedics that helped them, and they took her from my arms, my greatest treasure in the world, I watched her move farther and farther away from me, and I watched as my life flashed before my eyes, as I looked down at my chest and noticed it wasn’t just her blood but mine as well, I had a bullet wound go through me and that’s what grazed my daughter,...as I realized I was also losing my life the flash of my life showed me my first kiss, my first date, my wedding night, my brothers and sister, my mom, and then the smile of an angel who told me everything was going to be okay and grabbed my arm as she carried my soul into a wide flamboyant white light, and my body collapsed on the ground...and I woke up...at 3:45 A.M. and never to this date forgot that little girls smile...
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