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Mr.N.R. {Mr.NoRemembrance}

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Mr.N.R. {Mr.NoRemembrance}

Postby LittleRoo101 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:25 am

Please help me,
I'm a teenager and have been having horrible nightmares. I have a nightmare monster but I can never remember his facial features so I call him 'Mr.NoRemembrance', cheesy I know but it's the best I could think of.

Mr.N.R.'s first appearance began with me on a carousel, with cliche circus music playing in the background. At first, I was alone, but the next I was surrounded by what would be described as a 'children's fantasy'. Family members and friends that were either still with me or had passed on peeked over my shoulder, stuffed animals with all the candy you could eat and all the games you could play.

They were the things I never got to enjoy growing up.

Before I could cherish the moment everyone melted away, nothing but blood and bones took the places of all my loved ones. It was a good dream gone bad, ring around the Rosie started to play {A song that children would sing while they were tormenting me}. I was in my bedroom after I started to cry.

My two worst fears, a hectic thunderstorm was going on while my nightlight flickered off and on. But towards the end of what I remember, some man was in the corner. Not making a single movement or a sound.

He decided to make another appearance last night, this time I was at a dining table with each individual family member sitting in a chair. They didn't seem happy, they had horrible frowns and they were all looking at me. There were platters full of feces and a chain was wrapped around my neck.
Next thing I know, the whole room was on fire. Rather than screaming in agony, my family smiled.

Then Mr.N.R. held up a paper, I can only remember what the bold word said, "CONSENT", any input is appreciated. Please help.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Mr.N.R. {Mr.NoRemembrance}

Postby operatormike » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:23 am

Hi Little Roo,

Tell Kanga that I said hello. So, I am 61 years old. Actually, you posted this on my birthday, so I feel a connection.

You need to know that the purpose of the dream is to help you. It is pointing to some sort of issue of yours that you need to deal with. You have dreams with similar themes over again because you have something within yourself that is hidden from you normal waking conscious mind. But it bothers you. You need to figure out what it is and do something about it. Then these dreams will stop.

So let me try to help you figure it out. I might be able to give you clues, but only you know the true meaning. Even if it is deep inside. Mr. NR could be someone from your life. If you have the dream again, make a point of looking at him in the face and doing your best to remember. This could be the key to unlocking the mystery. The only other thing that he could be is a part of yourself. If that were the case, it would be some part of yourself that you don't seem to like, you are not comfortable with. He could represent something like depression. You have to figure out which is he: a person from your past life, or a part of yourself. I vote for a person, but that's just me.

The carousel to me tells me that it is something that happens over and over. Perhaps something that happened in your waking life. Stuck on a carousel is a saying that means you feel like you are in a rut. Like you can't change how your life is going and it is not moving forward, just going in circles. It also is part of the theme of a happy childhood fantasy. This tells me that your issue is related to your childhood, which you have said was unhappy. This fantasy is your wish, the rest is your fear. You started alone and you end losing all these loved ones and being alone. Being alone seems to be part of your fear and anxiety.

Being in your bedroom could indicate that this has something to do with sexuality. Either that or something very personal. Your bedroom is a very personal room of yours.

So, your two worst fears end with Mr. NR being there. It seems to me that he is your worst fear.

Last night, you were in the dining room with your family. This tells me that you want the love and comfort of a family to nourish your soul. The frowns and unhappiness of the family members is likely the emotion that you have projected onto them. It is your unhappiness that you are staring in the face. The feces on the plate shows me that you have very negative emotions. You might feel ashamed or feel bad about yourself. The chain shows me that you feel like you cannot get out of this. You feel like you cannot let go of all this negativity. But the fact that a chain is there shows me that somewhere deep inside you want to break free of the negative emotions and crap. (a pun)

The room started on fire while you had a chain around your neck. In the waking world this would not be a good thing to smile about, but in a dream, a fire can be cleansing. It will burn up all the negativity. Your negative self can die to allow you to be reborn and grow into the better and happy person that you are meant to be. This could be why your family is now happy. You know deep inside that you need to radically change the way things are in your emotional life in order to get off this carousel, break free of the chains, get away from the crap, and be a person who you like.

Mr. NR does not want this it happen. He wants you to consent to the status quo, to stay chained and stay on the carousel. Otherwise he might just be burned out of existence.

Operator Mike
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks insided, awakens! ---Carl Jung
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