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Murder by Snake

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:09 am
by Tflow530
this dream woke me up gasping.
We put our house up for sale so people were coming to see it. They would come in but they would not go back out. While I can't remember my motive or plan I remember I was expecting a lady to show up and was hiding and waiting for my moment but when she got there she had her two kids and one of my friends showed up. I was so frustrated. My plan was foiled. I had to chat with my friend but once she left, the task was at hand. Aaron (my husband) whispered angrily through his teeth at me, "don't fuck this up!" He was pissed the lady brought her kids. I couldn't figure out how I was gonna do it. Gina (my daughter) appeared and became my shadow. I headed back to our room (I'm guessing to get a weapon) but Gina followed me. Dammit. Then the door burst open and Aaron came in and wrestled the boy to the ground. The poor kid, probably 8 years old, had peed himself. He was crying asking Aaron why he was killing him. Aaron worked swiftly. He held the boy down and pulled out a rattle snake and laid it on top of the boy. The snake bit down and the boy cried out. I cringed, gina shrank into the bed where she had been sitting. Aaron said again, "don't fuck this up!"

I have had murder dreams before but they were always self defense. This is very different since the murders were planned and the weapon of choice was a snake. Usually in my dreams it's me who does the killing but in this dream it was the husband. Any clue what it all means?