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What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.


Postby tosimplycontinue » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:44 pm

I've been having quite a few nightmares lately. Out of the last four dreams I've had, three of them were frightening.
I should probably mention that I rarely have dreams, usually only two or less a month, and usually I can only remember the especially vivid parts at first (I can usually remember the rest once I think about it). I'm unsure if I can lucid dream, because I normally am aware that I'm dreaming and I've heard that lucid dreaming is when you can control the dream, but usually I can only control my own actions and how they affect the dream, but never the dream directly. I've been having very vivid dreams since a very young age (about two or three), including nightterrors (they've gotten progressively more disturbing, but the themes are generally the same). I also suffer from depression and anxiety and have been having more panic attacks than usual lately.
In my most recent one (last night), I don't remember the beginning, but towards the end I remember there were three doctors (I also have a strong fear of hospitals and doctors, I've been raised with a seemingly right mistrust for them). It was as if I was looking through the viewfinder of a camera (lots of zooming and such, I've had dreams like this before), and I distinctly remember that two of the doctors, a man and a woman, were both white, and the other doctor, a man, was black with a thick, exotic accent. He was preforming some kind of procedure, I don't remember that part two well, but after he was done the other male doctor congratulated him, he had just broken a record and preformed the procedure faster than anyone ever before. I remember that the doctor was really pleased, but the woman, who was wearing a surgical mask that only showed her eyes, didn't seem please. Then, really suddenly, she pushed him onto the operating table and the other doctor helped to hold him down. He started to scream and the woman picked up some sort of bone saw and started cutting horizontally along his collarbones. What really disturbed me was the man's screaming, which just sounded like pure fear. And the other two doctors were just laughing. Hysterically. Not like cliche evil laughter. Like they actually found it genuinely funny. And I remember being so sure that this was an act of racism. No real reason, just a feeling I got in that moment. I couldn't see the wounds too well, since the 'camera' was shaking a little and the quality wasn't that good. I could see lots of blood though, and this went on for what felt like whatever but was probably only 8-10 seconds. Then it cut (since it was kind of in video format) to a duffle bag of sorts, unzipped, and inside it was what seemed to be... This is so hard to explain but it was really disturbing... It was like the shell of the man. It was the surface of his body, I guess. It was thick, kind of like the way shards of clay look, but cut very precisely. The only pieces that were outside of the bag were the pieces from his face. It was from the top of his head down his neck, but it was only the front, and it was split down the middle. The eyes were empty but rimmed with blood. And even then, the doctors were still laughing.
At that point I woke myself up (I can usually do this if I'm having a really bad dream, but it takes a lot of effort and I usually can't until it's become extremely frightening for me), but I laid awake for a long time and had another mini panic attack because I was just so disturbed.
I don't know if this really means anything or even has an interpretation, even if it doesn't I just really had to vent.
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