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Women and houses

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:31 am
by Cia
I wouldn't necessarily say this was a nightmare. Although I was anxious and scared when I woke up at 6am.

I don't know how the dream begins but I'm in my grandmothers house, which is not her house in the dream and its decorated differently it reminds me of the house an aunt (by marriage) who babysat me as a child. I don't know if I am an adult or a child but there is a woman keeping me in this house. She lets me color and over time she sees I'm drawing pictures and words asking someone to help me and let me out. Whenever I get close to being freed (or realize I'm being held against my will) she somehow resets me and I go back to living there without knowing I'm there against my will. Then one days she finds some of my work asking for help and she knows it's almost time however this time I see a little girl in this house. (I'm not sure if this is supposed to be me) I go to a back room and in the other room she is in an argument with this toddler. I'm thinking it's my chance to escape so I open the window (something I had done before and was caught) push out the screen (a step I didn't get to before) and jump out the window. I run down the street hoping she doesn't see me. (I believe I did get caught in the front yard before) so I run down the street and finally I come to a house with a woman and her daughter outside and ask her to dial 911 she says she will but has to sort something out with her husband and she's talking a lot saying honey I'm going to call. I go into another house and dial 911 but I come back out (it seems 911 has me on hold) and I'm afraid of being in the house. Then the lady says I've dialed 911 come in and immediately I sense something sinister about her and she goes I'll help you and tells her daughter to get me and her daughter is coming at me laughing and I tell her to get away from me and I hiss at her then we walk by someone's house and i accuse her of trying to steal when the person confronts her I run again and see someone i know (an actual coworker who kinda resembles the two women I'd encountered in the dream) I call out for her and my alarm goes off and I wake up. So creepy.

What could this possibly mean? Can anyone shed some light on this strange dream?