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Birds, dragons, and bombs

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Birds, dragons, and bombs

Postby angrycandy » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:34 am

For me this was a pretty long dream and full of unusual details. But it's been my first nightmare in a long time and I feel like it has hidden significance. :shock: So I'll try to keep it brief and hopefully you can skim through and stay with me long enough.

I saw a group of black birds, a bunch of small ones and one larger one of a different kind. The small birds were all frozen, except for one that had its feet stuck to the ground and was desperately trying to escape. It looked human as it grasped its leg with its wing, trying to tear it off the ground, and crying sadly. The bigger bird was watching. Eventually, the small bird did break free; then the big bird spat black ooze on the ground. The small bird beheld the black puddle for a moment, then hopped into it, becoming stuck again... This happened over and over and over until I couldn't bear to watch anymore, so I turned to my mother and told her about what was happening. She was indifferent.

This transitioned into a family gathering of some sort, which was rather like an ordinary dream and doesn't seem important to me, so I will pass it over. After a while, everyone left, and I was left alone in my room playing Skyrim - but it seemed more real than a game. As I was completing a mission, a strange dragon arrived, spewing lightning and balls of crackling electricity. It was a difficult fight, even with the assistance of all the soldiers and big guns in the city. The dragon was hurling abuse and hatred at me, saying derisively that I "walked in light" and that I wasn't fit to live. Somebody asked him if he had ever been in the light, and he scornfully answered, "Yes, as I have been in water," and said something about holding his breath and filth.

When I got a clear shot I used a Shout on him, which made him calm for a while. He was like a giant, slimy salamander with wings; he had a broad, bright red stripe running down his side, and the rest was dark green and black. His mouth was enormous, big enough to swallow a car, and took up most of his head. I couldn't seem to hurt him anymore. So I decided to give up on the game, but the buttons weren't working properly and I couldn't quit it. The game took me to a dark cavern with hyper-real zombies sticking partway out of the ground, walls, and roof, grabbing at me wildly. My companion I was supposed to protect was far ahead, screaming uncontrollably. Finally, however, I figured out how to close the game and sat back in relief.

I walked over to the counter and drank some lemonade, trying to reassure myself that none of it was real, terrified of going to bed (in the dream) with my head right by a window. At that moment two men came running up (at this point it seemed like I was in an open space like a garage) and I was afraid for a moment that they were going to hurt me. As they approached, one of them spoke to me and said, "Don't worry about us, we're just here to --" He was interrupted by a violent explosion of the wall behind him. I was thrown off my feet, deafened and numb with shock, and time slowed down to an infinitesimal fraction of its normal speed. Falling in extreme slow motion, I could dimly hear the two men laughing. The first one ran inside immediately, but the second one punched me in the neck twice before following his partner.

At this point I woke up terrified and breathing hard. Thanks for reading, and I hope someone can help me see if this really does have some meaning.
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