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The Tall Man

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

The Tall Man

Postby otpapd » Sat Apr 01, 2017 2:06 pm

I keep having this dream where there's a very tall man with exaggerated features, who wears a black suit that is outside of my house. He keeps staring at my family and I, and for some reason he knows everything about us– like freakishly personal details, some stuff about my parents that I don't even know. He entices me to open the door with pressing questions that he writes on windows of the house or tries to shout up to us. My parents only notice him sometimes in this reoccurring dream. He can never get in unless I pay attention to his prompting questions, and he often gets frustrated because of this, so he gives up on my house and tries to get into other houses in my neighborhood. In some of my dreams he has successfully killed a few of my neighbors; these are murders which I can always see.

I literally have no idea what this means.

My grandfather passed away on February 13; I was very close with him.

A family friend of mine has also been struck by tragedy twice over, as her first round of chemo did not wipe out the cancer she has, so she was to start her second round this past Thursday, but her son was hit by a car in a freak accident Thursday morning, and is now fighting to survive in the hospital. He's sustained massive head trauma and his prognosis is not good. Positively, my local community has rallied massively around this wonderful young man and his family, raising over $40,000 in 24 hours for his hospital expenses. That makes me feel a little bit better, and I'm trying to keep a positive outlook for my young friend's recovery.

I'm also in my third year of college, and struggle with my academics pretty regularly. I also work for Residence Life at my university, and balance resident advisor, service desk, and food pantry positions over the course of each semester, which leaves me pretty stressed out most of the time. This year altogether has been almost surreal it's been so emotionally tumultuous for me. I'm also in the process of applying for grad school and what could potentially be my first salaried position, so that tacked on has only added to my stress.

I don't know if this all might help with the context of the nightmare, but I've put it out for you to see in case it does help you to define it. I kind of constantly feel like I'm in and out of reality some weeks, and I forget appointments, classwork, and all sorts of things a lot, and I'm very hard on myself for that. My first goal in life is to help others to realize their full potential, because when I can get them to that point, selfishly it makes me feel good, and it makes a difference for me to see that other person responding to my help. I care a lot about a lot of people.

I don't know that this will help you interpret, but I hope that someone can make sense of all of my ramblings! Thank you in advance, friends!
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