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Presence of evil man kills my family and then owns us l

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Presence of evil man kills my family and then owns us l

Postby Brittwall92 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:14 pm

Worst nightmare of my life! I'm so afraid idk what to do. First let me tell you about this man. There's this presence of a man, tall and dark, the only detail I can see is that he's got a hat on. I can't tell anything else about him, I can't look directly at him. All I see is his dark shape. I can see he's there, and feel his presence. He's mean, I can tell that much. He never moves, just stands there, he's just...with me. I've seen him standing in the doorway to my room as a child. Seen him a more back then, a few times in my adulthood. I haven't seen him or thought of him in over a year. Then the night before last I dreamed of him. I was in the car, front seat, with my husband driving. I was holding our brand new baby in my arms. The man was to my right. We were driving fast on this big highway, and it was like a scene from Final Destination. Cars and trucks were crashing into each other, construction sites were blowing up, we sped past it, avoiding being crashed into or hit with anything. We finally made it past it all....only to end up driving off the road like it was a broken or unfinished bridge. We flew through the air, and slowly everything disappeared. My husband, the car, the man. It was me and my baby.... Falling. The air was lifting him out of my arms and I graves onto him so tightly and told him how sorry I was, and how much I loved him. Then....it all stopped. I woke up for a second....I swear my heart had stopped. I was petrified. I had to make sure my baby was still breathing! Then before I knew it I was in this place, I had never seen before. There were rooms, with people I don't like living in them. I couldn't leave, I was like a prisoner there. The man was the boss, I felt like he owned me. I felt like his slave. I had a job to do and idk what it was supposed to be, I just knew I should have been doing something. He was there and I was terrified. My family was gone...I remembered us dying...my older son wasn't even in the dream. But I missed my family. I knew I was being kept from them....I was owned by this man. What could this mean??? I have never been so afraid. My mother is very into the supernatural amd such things, she has told me that his name is Spade. And he was happy to get me alone, see I had been arguing with my husband and sleeping in the living room with the baby. She said he can't get to me with my husband around because his spirit is too strong. Then, last night I was sleeping in bed with my husband, but the baby had me up for a few hours so I let him take over while I went back to bed. He took him out the living and went to sleep there for the rest of the night, and that's when I had another nightmare. This time I didn't see the man, but I was in a different placw, being kept there, with people I don't like being around. I knew he owned me in this dream. Does anyone have any input, experience, advice, anything?? I need answers!
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