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Stuck in a Car, Getting Yelled at by a Teacher?

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Stuck in a Car, Getting Yelled at by a Teacher?

Postby Deer-Sheep-Koifish » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:58 pm

Hey, so.. Weird nightmare! I'm not sure if it should be categorized as nightmare, but it was dehumanizing, and made me feel less human.

I'm a fourteen year old, but my mind is telling me that I'm from the ages of 16 to 18, and then later in the dream 18 to 21. However, I'm still in a fourteen year-old's body.
My body continues to flash from that of a mixed-skinned adult female with a gray tank top and loose pants, to a little girl, wearing a bright pink dress and blonde curls in her hair, who was pale, and gave off an impression that she was rude and narcissistic.

I'm in the backseat of a gray car, along with my father, who's beard has grown out a little. He has gray hair, and is wearing a gray shirt. There's a fat woman driving us back and forth while doing paperwork, who's face I cannot remember well. She was old and bitter, with gray hair and a magenta shirt that stretched disgustingly over her incredibly fat body.

Now, I'm an art student. I LOVE ART. This is the problem, though. As she drove, she was looking down at my black-and-white portfolio. She seemed to be indifferent to the portfolio, which she called; "okay" and "kind of nice", but she then said, without having any prior knowledge of my personality, "but you're so narcissistic, and rude, and egotistical." At this point, I would try and defend my case, but I'd go from that beautiful mixed, 21 year old woman with a ponytail in my hair, into that little stupid girl! I'd sit up high in my seat, and wave my finger. I can't remember what I said each time, but every time, I'd try to defend myself, but whenever I spoke, all that came out were paragraphs among paragraphs of things justifying what she had called me.

And I believed her. I tried to defend myself. I wanted to swear at hear, but I couldn't. She'd keep saying this, and I'd keep wiggling my six-year-old finger, as we'd move from dark brown office, to highway, to another dark brown office. After a long time, my dad turned to me, and began to AGREE with her, saying; "yeah kid, you really are egotistical. You should learn to be blah blah blah..." and I'd just look at them as they'd agree, and I'd try to refute, but it was as if my words were stuck in my head.

It didn't feel like when you try to run in a dream, but you can't. It felt more like, I wanna say this, but as I speak it, my tone changes into something prissy, and I say something completely different while batting my eyes and justifying my own narcissism.

I have no idea why my brain's doing this. :crying:
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DM Lurker
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