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Heads spinning on bodies? Burning?

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Heads spinning on bodies? Burning?

Postby AlexTheConfused » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:03 am

Okay, this dream is loaded with a lot of weird things and I'm not even completely sure where to begin. I'm not even sure if anyone will bother to read all this. So anyways.

I was in a High School. I was sitting in this little area that's sort of diamond shaped, with a bunch of steps that a lot of the students were sitting on.
It was supposed to be around 3:30 (in the afternoon) apparently, yet it looked like dusk. When I looked out the windows, the sky was sort of purple.
As I was sitting there I got this weird sinking feeling in my stomach. I felt something on my lap and I looked down to see two long legs resting on top of my lap. (This part coming up is realllyyy weird..) I looked up to see who it was coming from, and there was this girl with long black hair. She wasn't wearing anything except a shirt, and the part that'd usually be covered by her underwear was completely covered in blood, which was dripping down and pooling around her.

I looked up at her and made eye contact. I felt like something was very very wrong about her. She was very unnatural. She said "These legs are for you, big guy" (Again, don't know why that part was in my dream. It was stupid.)

at which point I freaked out and threw her legs off of me. They felt dead. Like a stiff corpse. She got mad, and started screaming and got up to move to attack me. I moved backwards, and two people came from the crowd to restrain her.

I looked across the crowd to see two people standing next to each other. A blonde woman, and a blonde youngish guy. They had the widest grins on their faces, and then their heads started to spin around on their necks while maintaining the smiles. Then they started to spin the other way (heads facing backwards the entire time, but rotating so that it would spin and make their faces upside down and some points, and right side up at other points.)

I started to try to get away as fast as possible, but then something else stopped me. A pipe came loose from a wall or stairs or something, and attached itself to some guy's face. My friend popped up next to me at this point and said "It's melting into his face!" . The guy started screaming and then the pipe caught fire and started burning the guy. My friend urged me to go with her and moved we went into a classroom. In the classroom, there was a man writing furiously on a white board. He was apparently the principal, and he was making a diagram of all the possible reasons for the strange events that were going on.
The ones I remember were "Jesus has forsaken us" "We are cursed by the demons" "Christians need to try harder" or something like that. There were more, but I can't recall them. I went up to him and said "there has to be a reasonable explanation. THey can't all be religious! Come on, you have any reasons for me that aren't religious?" he completely ignored me. I saw a desk that a sign with my name on it, so I sat down. I started asking questions to the principal again saying "Don't you have any reasons for atheists? They can't all be for theists! Make some that don't involve the belief in God!"

He made a diagram that said "things that don't involve God" and left it blank. I got pissed off at him and said he's just trying to scare people.

He still said nothing and left the room. That's when I woke up...any suggestions with this one?

I don't know, it's really weird. Thanks to anyone who actually read all of this.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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