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Tortured and Escaping

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Tortured and Escaping

Postby MsInformed » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:40 pm

I often have repetitive dreams. Most of the time, even the nightmares don't bother me. Unfortunately, there are two nightmares in particular that I can't wrap my head around and they are deeply disturbing me.

Trouble Overseas-
This dream starts out with me being a POW somewhere in Iran. I wake up in a cell. Dirt floor. Old iron gate bars. Tan, block walls. The cell is maybe 8x5. I can see other cells across from me and I know there are cells next to me. I am not the only soldier here. I have other wingmen (male and female) there but they are in other cells and I only have visual on one that's caddy corner to me. Not all the cells are full. It's just us. Also caddy corner to me is a hallway where they drag one of my wingmen to torture. Apparently, I have already been tortured because my face and arms have bruising and lacerations and I know what's down that hallway, even though, being awake, I can't recall my torture session. One of the insurgents doing rounds by the cells walks by every so many minutes. They bring back my wingman from the other room with a missing eye and coughing from maybe being hit in the stomach(?). This wingman is in the cell next to me and I hear him in pain. I get mad and start signing to the wingman I can see caddy corner to me that I plan to escape. My wingman communicates this to the wingmen she can see from her side. I wait for the insurgent making rounds to walk by and I plead with him to check on my wingman because he has asthma (this makes zero sense to me btw) and I know how to get him to breathe normally so he doesn't die. And apparently the insurgents wanted to keep us alive for a while at least (leverage or something I guess?) so he lets me out and I get into the other cell. My wingman and I immediately turn, jump this guy and choke him to death. I take his keys to start releasing my other wingmen and he takes his gun to watch out for other insurgents. Two insurgents come up the hallway from the torture room and there is a fire fight between the two and my wingman. Both insurgents go down but some does my wingman. The gunfire attracts unwanted attention and I haven't finished releasing my wingmen. I decide I know where they're at and will come back with help so I toss the keys to one still in a cell and the few of us that are out start running. We make our way out. Two or my wingmen are out in front of me, one beside me but my female wingman that was caddy corner to me is running a few feet behind me. I look back as we're being chased (not gunned down either which is weird) and she is caught by two insurgents. One is holding one arm, the other pulls her other arm back and proceeds to immediately start sawing it off above the elbow with a hacksaw. I stop running and just stand there watching her arm get hacked off while she's screaming and more insurgents are running towards me. I'm completely frozen. One of my wingmen comes back to sort of shake me out of my trance. Here's where my dreams differ... Sometimes I turn and run with him and the dream stops. Sometimes I pull away from him and rush towards the insurgents and my wingman, but the second I reach them, the dream stops. It's creepy but the arm and hacksaw is just too real and harrowing. The sounds. The visual. The dropping feeling I get in my stomach. It's more like a memory than a dream and I hate it. I get this dream every now and then. Sometimes I'll get it once or twice a month and then it will stop for a couple months. I have no idea what to make of it. I've never been deployed overseas. I'm no longer in the military. I've never seen anyone get their arm cut off. So I'm stuck here.

Hospital Hell-
This one wakes me up out of a dead sleep sometimes. It is recurring but not in the sense that it repeats, but that I pick up where I left off. I wake up from this one sweating, shaking and with my heart racing. My fiance has seen me having this dream because he said I was flailing, kicking, shaking and sweating. I woke up while he was coaxing me. We just about butted heads. The first time I had this dream, I cried because I was so relieved it wasn't real.
I'm in the car with my fiance. We are going to visit his brother and sister in law. (We have a good relationship with them). In this dream, they are very Christian-y but not in the nice sense... It's much more creepy and dark, like a cult. We pull up to their apartment (they actually live in a house). There are two buildings with a path between them. The path runs from one parking lot to another. Their apartment is on the left building, second floor. There's a staircase on both sides;one facing each parking lot. Apparently I was there to apologise for my fiance's lack of faith because I wanted to maintain our relationship with them for his sake. Being a Christian myself but not a super Bible thumper, I figured I could lighten tensions between them. I go upstairs and, this part is a little hazy, somehow we're talking but I try to say that my fiance doesn't have to believe if he doesn't want to but it's ok because he'll come to believe in his own time, if he chooses to. But they didn't like that. I guess my fiance's sister in law is the ring leader in this little cult and his brother is completely submissive to his leader and believes in everything she says. He's like her minion. We'll call the sister in law, Jenny, we'll call the brother, Ryan, and we'll refer to my fiance as David. Well, Jenny's followers take David and Jenny walks down to the other parking lot. She says David needs to learn to accept God and must answer for his sins. The logic behind her repentance is that we pay for our sins with pain and our sins are forgiven when the pain ceases. She has a "hospital" for these treatments. She says that I also have sin that I need to be rid of and for falsely describing God (I took the forgiving, understanding side and that we cannot judge people's relationship with God because we don't truly know or understand) she said I was wrong and that God talks to her and would speak to me too if I followed her lead. She said I wasn't in need of treatment and was going to leave me behind but I wanted to know where they took David so I begged her and played her little game and said to please help me rid my life of sin. So she pulled all of my teeth out of my mouth with pliers. I passed out before she was done. I wake up in her "hospital," which looked every bit as dirty and creepy as you could imagine, with (brace yourself) almond slices wedged in where my teeth were (I'm at a loss for words there). I get out of my hospital bed. No IV or anything. Greenish subway like tile, dark, dirty floors. There's a large hole in the wall as if part of the building collapsed but the rubble was removed. The building was in an L shape. I was in the end of the longer part of the L and the hole was closer to the middle but extended through to the inside angle of the L and partway to the short side. The end of that short side was a stairwell to the second floor. There's about a ten foot concrete wall around the small compound. There's an iron gate with some vines growing on it and the compound is fairly hidden off a dirt road and some trees around the sides and back with only the front concrete wall exposed. Anyways, as I'm walking down the "hall," I start looking for David. I see Ryan working on another "patient"/follower in the next room sewing his arm to another person. At the angle of the building, I see David and Jenny. Knowing their theory on pain and treatment, I go down to see them thinking I can just tell David to pretend there is no pain so they'll let him go. Jenny is all smiles and asks how I fell. I tell her some pain but I think the treatment is starting to work. She starts talking about when chapel is and asks about other sins I'm facing and I make up some BS that I don't remember but she looks concerned and nods and asks what I think about another treatment. She says she thinks removing my nails and plucking my eyelashes should help and that she wants to shave part of my head to help me to be humble. I just smile through the pain and nod that it's a great idea and she starts talking about David's treatment and she says he's going to need a lot more. He's visibly in shock and in pain. She shows me his treatment. You know those metal potato chip bag clips? She unclips two of those from his shoulder blades and peels down the skin on his back and calmly explains how she pulled back the skin and screwed in two rods to his back to make him "stronger for God" and pulls the giant skin flap back up and clips it back in place. He's bleeding but not gushing blood. He has an IV of some sort. She starts discussing his next treatment but that part is hazy. She walks away to continue her rounds. I try to explain to him to fake it but he's in so much shock, he says no, that they'll find out and punish him more and that he wants to wait for his treatment to work. I manage to escape before I have any more treatments and I come back each time I have this dream to get him to leave but he won't. I tried to bust him out in one of my follow up dreams but all that did was end me back up in that "hospital" where they put several slits in my body and shoved gravel under my skin. I am unsuccessful in getting him out of there every time. This dream used to be a lot more frequent but has died down somewhat. I have it about once every two months. It just bothers me because I don't understand it and it's so graphic and horrible. Plus, it has to do with my hubby to be and I love him dearly so any severely negative dreams about him, especially in this manner, concern me. Any thoughts on what this means?

I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and respond to either one of these dreams. I don't know much about dreams, nor do I know how to interpret them. I do have some very vivid dreams. Thanks
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