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The Most Disturbing Dream I've Ever Had

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

The Most Disturbing Dream I've Ever Had

Postby JadeMS » Mon Feb 20, 2017 2:45 pm

Dreams are nothing new for me. I've experienced every type and variation of dream imaginable and then some not so imaginable. Some are far more memorable than others and have stuck with me for years. I've even mastered lucid dreaming, especially whenever I experience reoccurring dreams. I've experienced false awakenings on numerous occasions and I've even called out for help in real life while being chased in a dream. I only know this because my boyfriend had to shake me awake. My mom is like this too. I'm not sure if it's genetic, but she's notorious for yelling out in her sleep. I've experienced the feeling of being paralyzed and suffocating as well as being shot. However, I had a dream the other night that gave me the creeps more than any other dream I've ever had.

My entire mom's side of the family was living together at my mom and step dad's old house that we lived in from the time I was 6 years old and then they finally moved around the time I time I was just beginning my 20's. My best friend's mom still lives a few houses down so whenever I come to visit, I see my old house. The overall atmosphere was different though. In real life, there were 2 full bedrooms upstairs and my step dad added a third, yet in the dream, my uncle (who has been disabled since his 20's due to a bad motorcycle accident) was taking the entire upstairs to himself. I have no idea where the rest of us were sleeping or storing our items. In the dream, my uncle (whom I've never dreamt about in my life) was a hostile man and nobody was to go upstairs at all. My entire family didn;t seem at all alarmed by this behavior, but I had a horrible feeling. In real life, my uncle has always been severely depressed (as long as I've known him, at least). As I said, he's been disabled most of his life and in pain, his wife left him, he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for a long time, and he's lost several family members that were very dear to him. However, he's never really come across as hostile and violent to me, aside from one incident when his wife left him about 10 years ago where he locked himself in the house threatening to commit suicide. He had a gun that was so powerful, the police had to evacuate the entire block because it could have gone through a window or wall. This was obviously his breaking point, but I wasn't even around or old enough to know what was happening. I just heard about it. Anyways, in the dream, there were several children (all females) that lived nearby and would come around just to say hi to me. They were in like the pre-teen age range. Anywhere from about 10 to 13 years old. One girl in particular looked a bit sad the last time I saw her and then they all began to disappear one by one. Nobody was alarmed by this. I, however, had this horrible feeling in my gut that this horrific crime was closer to me than I wanted to believe. One day, while my uncle was out and having no idea as to how long he'd be gone being that he didn't work, I hurried upstairs to take a look around. I noticed blood stains everywhere. On the carpet and the walls. Small spots that were barely noticeable, but still cause for concern. However, I didn't see anything else. I left and again came back later at another time when he had gone only to find the most horrible thing I've ever seen. Far more blood was splattered everywhere and when I turned into the bathroom, there lied the body of the sad girl I had seen just a day or so before wrapped in a plastic tarp and dead on the floor. He didn't even attempt to hide the body. He just assumed that nobody would dare go upstairs. I knew I had to tell someone and my aunt (his sister and closest in age to him) was the only person I felt I could tell in confidence. In real life, that aunt is a licensed mental health counselor for the county that we reside in. However, when I told her, she didn't seem alarmed. She was actually in denial. I even brought her upstairs and she looked around as if to see nothing upsetting. She just pleaded that he would never do such a thing despite the dead body in his bathroom. She offered to go talk to him, wherever he had gone, but before she went, she applied a thick coat of makeup almost creating a mask and changed her name. She explained that her alter ego "Brenda" got along much better with my uncle and would be able to get through to him. While she was gone, a stampede of people started to emerge out of nowhere along with ambulances and police cars. I thought my aunt had called the authorities and I was truly relieved, until they all passed our house and stopped several houses down. Apparently, something else was going on down the street as well. The onlookers were taking advantage of the fact that many people had left their homes open yet unattended to go see what was happening and began looting. I attempted to keep an eye on the house, but they were coming from every direction. I turned my back on the garage for literally 2 seconds and when I turned around, 2 men had managed to clear out a third of the belongings in the garage, all which belonged to my step dad. He was going to be pissed! Finally, my aunt comes back and tells me that all is well. She walks me back upstairs and the place is immaculate, as if nothing had ever happened. No blood, no body. Then she states, he fixed it. The last thought that ran through my head was, no he didn't fix it. He just covered it up. Then I woke up. Unfortunately, my uncle lives alone secluded from the rest of my family and you know the rest. I'd never suspect him of doing this per say, but he is a proper candidate. I'm struggling to unsee what I dreamt.

Furthermore, my boyfriend whom I've been on and off with for nearly 7 years said the dream isn't exactly what it seems. Him and I have had quite a rough ride throughout our relationship and things escalated and became hostile quite often for a good period of time. I actually grew afraid of him for a long time and maybe to an extent I still am. We both know it. He says that my uncle represents him, yet neither of us can figure out the rest, as he's an amazing father to my kids and his own. Sometimes, I trust his judgement better than my own because he has far more patience, intuition, and experience than I do.

I'm really unsettled by this dream. Please help me understand what it could mean. In addition, my boyfriend never asks me about my dreams. I usually come to him when I have one worth talking about, but this time he came to me, as if he already knew. He claimed my toddler had started to have bad dreams which I kind of experienced last night. I thought it was because he was sick. My boyfriend has what he calls visions rather than dreams. His dreams are all factual and have either already occurred or are foreseen.
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