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Dream was made while listening to binaural beats

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Dream was made while listening to binaural beats

Postby amsiren0125 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:00 pm

The specific beat I was listening to was for "Aura cleansing sleep meditation" that started with the root chakra. The dream had more to it before this specfic part but I can't recall.

I was in a room that I remembered specifically was for peace and no conflict. This man started freaking out and yelling at another woman because she told him to stop doing something. I stepped in and asked him to leave because it looked like he was gonna get physical with her. He went towards the door but didn't leave and was still yelling in anger. As he was standing there and yelling, his voice changed into a demonic tone, his arms started to twist backwards, and his fingers extended. He started jumping up and down. The room turned dark and grey. I tried not to go towards him but my body was swaying forward and backwards. I felt myself starting to freak out because I looked around the room and everyone else was turning into him too. In order to calm myself down, I told myself to just relax and become them. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were extended just like theirs.


After the dream finished I woke up scared and paralyzed. The beats were still playing and when I woke up, the beat frequency increased and I think I went into a mini seizure because my body shook and my vision was flashing. After a couple of seconds or a minute the beat frequency decreased and I snatched the earphones off.

I don't know what any of this means so if anyone has any insight on what it could mean that would be great.

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