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Giant Man-Eating Spiders

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Giant Man-Eating Spiders

Postby expensive.fate » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:29 pm

Last night I had a dream that is sticking with me in incredible detail. I found myself wondering what it all means -- can anyone offer some guidance?
In the dream, there were thousands of giant man-eating spiders locked in an electric enclosure (Jurassic Park style) in the woods in the middle of nowhere. I don't just mean big spiders, I mean spiders with the arm spans of NBA players. I found out about them because I had taken work in a nearby rural community. The community was very tight knit and cult like, and operated like a commune, with people sharing responsibilities and everything. As the only outsider, I got stuck with all the crappy jobs (cleaning the toilets, etc.) and I was very much looked down upon and isolated from the community. The only ones who were nice to me were these two young boys who would talk to me and ask me about the world outside of their small home.
One day, the two boys had been playing in the woods when one of them comes running back, screaming and crying, and saying that his friend is dead. When questioned, he revealed that the spiders were loose.
Immediately, everyone went into a panic. The leaders of the community revealed that there was an escape tunnel nearby that went below the forest in case of such an emergency, but that the journey would take several days to get to civilization. Everyone started cramming into this tunnel with all of their belongings and running away. But the tunnel didn't have a door that we could close behind us. I thought that might be a problem, because nothing would stop the spiders from crawling into the tunnel, and they were faster than us.
When I voiced my concern to the leaders of the community, I was handed an AK-47 and told that I should be the last one in the tunnel so I can shoot the spiders and protect everyone if they follow us. Again, I got stuck with the crap job.
So we ran through the tunnel for a while, and sure enough, the spiders followed. When they got close enough, I started to shoot, but the bullets didn't seem to have any effect on the spiders. They almost had me, and in a moment of desperation, I turned my gun around and shot the person in front of me. The spiders quickly gathered around the lifeless body and I was able to run a bit ahead. However, a few minutes later they were almost on me again, so I shot someone else. This repeated again and again, and eventually, the spiders stopped trying to kill me and just awaited their next meal.
By the time morning came, I did not run from the spiders. I ran with them.
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