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A nightmare to remember(graphic details)

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

A nightmare to remember(graphic details)

Postby Leo_coont21 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:04 am

It all started by me and my family (uncle, nephew, mom, dad, and a few other kids a people who I didn't know) we slept and played games till the next day,I woke up and saw my nephew and this other kid running around playing in swimsuits . They saw me and went"COME PLAY m/n COME GET IN THE POOL WITH US." so I did, we swam until my nephews friend knocked my nephew out, and pinned me up against the pool wall. Then he started sucking on my nip and playing with my other boob and nip. Started fingering , I wasnt responding to it all besides trying to get him off me, as he was about to put it in I got him off me, ran inside with my nephew still out cold in my arms explaining what just happened before someone broke down our door coming after me and my nephew, my mother told me to run and I did. I hid in the next doors "garage"(this is an important detail) it was huge and had stalls like for animals but nothing as inside them, I hid in one with my nephew. Hoping he wouldn't wake up in case of the person who was after us decided to check in here. Which he did, but didnt find us, he ran out and by the middle of the day. Hes was awake, I explained everything to him and we walked out side the side door of the garage. I observed my surroundings and saw behind the garage to see a big blue house/mansion. Before me and my nephew walked into our own yard, my nephews mom who is also my sister pulled us quickly into her car amd drove off, explaining some of what happened in front of us 2, she later on explained to me in private that the person who broke down our door killed my mom and dad, and my uncle is alive bu has a slim chance of surviving. Later on in my life in the dream, I walked to the blu house with an older muture nephew and older sister to the old place with which this all happened. We walked into the old abandoned house, and the next door neighbors "garage" and soon left to my sister saying" I've never seen that blue house before." To cut this part short, we walked to the blue house, and meet the man who had molested me and killed my parents. He tried to come back for me but we all ran outside. To realize that this person was in fact, making a community of people for whatever reason,we all ran back to the car, got in the car. And went back to our home in the next state over, later on I found a note on my dresser that read " we will be back for u"and I woke up
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