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Simultaneous Nightmare, Evil Presence

What dream horrors are haunting you in your sleep? Do you wake up sweating, screaming, or heart pounding? Share and cope with your own disturbing nightmares here.

Simultaneous Nightmare, Evil Presence

Postby Ella35 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:21 pm

My boyfriend and I woke up from nightmares at the exact same time in the middle of the night. Our dreams were not identical but we had both sensed the presence of something evil.

His dream: He was relaxing in a cabin with me and one other friend who was upstairs while we were sitting in the living room. Suddenly we all heard heard a loud, rapid banging in the kitchen that sounded as if someone was pounding on a textbook with the palm of their hand. When he went to investigate, he did not see anyone. Instead he felt the presence of an angry entity, and noticed the book upon which it (he assumed) was pounding. The book's title was written plainly on the front, and he got close enough to read it despite his fear and the violent banging. The title said "How to share when it can't be divided equally." He somehow knew that the "it" referred to torture.

My dream: I was vacationing on an island I used to go to with my family almost every summer during my childhood. This time I was there alone or perhaps with my boyfriend, although he wasn't involved in the scene I'm about to describe. I had signed up to do some sort of ocean activity that required guides, so the scene I remember (where the nightmare began) started with myself and two guides, a man and a woman, swimming in very nice clear water some distance from the beach. I looked around in the water for a few seconds and then looked back at my guides because I was wondering when the activity would begin. I was feeling happy and excited until I noticed the way they were looking at me. It was subtle and I wish I could describe it...they were smiling slightly and their eyes were open just a bit too wide, as if they were anticipating something. As soon as I saw their faces I felt darkness enter the atmosphere and immediately felt unsafe. I occasionally deal with random anxiety in my waking life, so I'm accustomed to telling myself my fear isn't real, and that's exactly what I did in the dream. I turned away from them and kept trying to enjoy the water. I submerged myself to look around, then noticed my vision slowly fading to brown. I lost my sense of having a body. I completely dissociated. I tried relaxing and allowing it to happen so I could avoid the panic I was beginning to feel. I actually managed to be okay with it at first, and even became interested in what was happening. But then I heard a clear, angry male voice speaking to me and telling me very disturbing things. I don't remember anything specific other than the words "castrate him." That's when I decided to resist the experience. I vividly, in my dream, shouted "NO, GO AWAY" and the next thing I knew I was staring at my bedroom ceiling and my boyfriend was telling me he'd just had a nightmare.

My boyfriend and I are both 20 years old and in college. We are definitely dealing with similar stress levels and challenges, so I'm not too surprised our dreams were similar. I am pretty surprised by the content of our dreams since they were both incredibly vivid and continued to disturb us for a few days. He can't get over the pounding on the book, and I can't get over the faces of the guides. Both felt intensively malevolent. The only word I can use is evil.

Anyway I hope you found this interesting :) Let me know if you've ever experienced something similar or if you have any thoughts/interpretations.
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