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a lucid dream and flying!

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

a lucid dream and flying!

Postby luciddreamer » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:16 pm

a bit long so bare with me :) im very curious to see someone elses insight on it

I've already lost quite a bit of info so it's best i get to it right away. I can remember mainly after this one event in my dream where i start to become aware. me and two other people are in an aisle, in a grocery store. we are at the last aisle. i don't know what we were doing in a grocery store but if i knew the events before then it would make sense.

while in the grocery store we had a flashlight which was actually like the holder of this video we had made. the video was for us to give to someone for something. i cant remember what the video was about again but it was in the flashlight. one of the employees was coming along so we dropped the flashlight onto the floor and it rolled a little bit under the aisle. it was still on. all three of us looked at the flashlight thinking how were such idiots because the light was coming through the bottom shelf onto the floor a bit.. ps.. the place seemed to dim here so that's why the flash light was visible. anyways the worker/employee was a bad person and knew what they were about to accomplish. they walked over to the flashlight and for some strange reason none of us did anything about the fact that this bad guy was just walking there about to grab our prized possession. so he grabbed it.

soon enough i was going to go get them. i had an ability to jump pretty high here so we were on top of the aisles top shelves trying to catch this guy with the video. i knew what happened next before but for some reason, i can't re call any of it just because a few days passed.

here i was in a park/forest kind of thing where there was these two trees and i had done something to activate these two trees which had caution tape making a square. it was pretty much a trap for me. whenever i walked through it the caution tape would try and close on me. but i was really fast and it would never work. i could do magic and all that stuff.

i was getting even more frustrated for activating this caution tape monster. i couldn't use my magic properly to fix it. i was already feeling bad about the video grocery store thing so this added onto me feeling useless. i began to feel quite heavy and sad and just wanted to go away. i went through the caution tapes just going onto a street and i could feel tears coming on. so i wanted to fly and just be up in the air for a little bit.i was running quite a bit and i started gliding above the ground. at first i was worried i wasn't going to make it up higher. sometimes ill glide near the ground and i wont have enough energy to bring myself up higher. all of a sudden i boosted right up into the air. in that second of time i was also thinking how exhilarating the feeling would be once i got up into the air and got to see the city. i knew my worries would go away. so the second i did boost up into the air i also started flying at a pretty decent pace. more so gliding fast. at the same time i felt a whole rush of happy drift through me (which i felt right through into my waking life) while i got the view of the city. the city was dark and looked almost a bit comic-y because of the black buildings with yellow lighted windows. the cities sky seemed a bit orange and it was strange because i almost didn't feel like i was in that city when i went back down to ground.

once i came back to the ground again i felt this relief. it opened my eyes from my clogged mind to new ways of dealing with things and such. i knew that i wasn't very strong at the moment to come up with something to destroy that caution tape monster. so i went to this persons place with this guy friend of mine. i cant remember who the guy friend was .. but the persons place was all nice and cottage like. he was actually also able to use magic and such.

i told him about my situation with the caution tapes and how the square keeps closing in even faster every time i decide i want to be risky and jump through it. he was like oh my they get worse! not only will they close in faster but the two trees holding this square shaped caution tape monster will come out of the ground and actually start following people. so not just me but others would get hurt too if i didn't do something about it. he told me it was going to be hard to fix what was already done and there's a price to pay. i didn't think there could be anything that bad. he told me how he would go back in time a bit just before the caution tapes started acting up and it would make them disappear. however, with people, he was going to go back even farther in time. it would be restored to how they act and all will be changed for them too. they will forget about everything that has happened. this is a good example of system restore on our computers that some of us have used sometime. i said oh thats a piece of cake. and so he started talking some magic spell. i really only remember the word monkey in there but yes, it worked and it totally teleported me to this long street/sidewalk kind of thing where i could walk and there were benches every few minutes.

the first most vivid moment was my three enemies. i don't have a bad thing with anyone really. except these three people are the only three people in my lifetime that i still don't get along with no matter what. i was walking by them and felt a little nervous while they were sitting on the bench. the girl in the middle which i actually have no reason to forgive for anything said hi to me and i was wondering what the hell got into her. i couldn't believe she had the nerve to say hi. then i had also forgotten how the magic-like person did that spell. i was worried that people i liked would be different.

from here on i kind of forget how people were acting with me but i do remember strange encounters with others and i almost was in a state of regret for wanting to go back in time and restore just so i could fix problems in the present. i never regret things so it was a struggle for me in the dream when i had to think about how i was regretting.

i dreamed of this about two nights ago. i had my typical lucid dream that night because the flying part represents being lucid. also i mostly only remember this part of the dream this much because i was lucid. i don't think i was lucid before the grocery store part. unless i just don't have a passageway to connect to the points.

Re: a lucid dream and flying!

Postby vaxerman » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:36 am

maybe this dream means your life is going to change or it has to change and you know it and your afraid that when it does all the things that you know will change to much for comfort but its the only way to move on.

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