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Seeing my brothers death

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Seeing my brothers death

Postby LovelyLisa421 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:47 am

My brother died a month ago today in a train accident. we were really close, only a year apart we were best friends. Then last night i was watching tv, and i had no idea i had fallen asleep, and my brother came down stairs, i was in shock because he was covered in blood and looked paniced. He told me about how he got jumped and he pulled out a knife to scare them, but it went to far and he killed the one guy. He ended up getting put on death row, but they let him stay at the house, under house arrest and he had 2 weeks till they would kill him. He wanted to make it easyier for the family and he moved out in to the garage, something he always wanted to do when he was younger. I would go out there everyday and talk with him for a little bit and we would play games. then i went out there the one night, the day before he would of been killed, to bring him food and he had a shot gun to his head, he was crying and said sorry and that he loved me, i just screamed trying to open the door but it was locked, and i sat there banging on the door saying please no i love you please dont do this, and then i watched him kill himself. I woke up in a puddle of sweat when i relized it was all a dream, but it felt so real, what could this mean?

Re: Seeing my brothers death

Postby Cerri-Lee » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:37 am

this dream could mean that you feel guilty about your brothers death somehow. it is never easy to lose a loved one, especially if you were very close. you have to let go of what happened so that he can be at peace. your brother will always be with you in your heart and he probably wanted you to know that he loved you and always will, even if he isnt there in the flesh.

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