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eh,no questions....

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

eh,no questions....

Postby kyouki8 » Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:36 am

i just wanted to share that in my dream, i was in the car with my mom and sister and we were going to my sisters school to drop her off.i've been to her school before but the road we took was unfamiliar.when we got there we parked the car and waved her good bye at the gate. my mom liked the sun,so we stayed at the front for a while,there were a few kids -maybe 5?- and one kept on looking at me. when it was time to go (it was getting late for me) i winked at the boy and he blushed like mad. before we went,we were not heading to the car,me an my mom were trying to push these long sofas that were just long strips. i asked her why we were doing this and she said that'll it'l fly us to my school. we gave up -thus it was too heavy- and drove to my school.

i went straight to the cafeteria and saw my friend.i didn't eat becuase i was not hungry,so i just waited for him. i sat down in comfortable beanie chair -which i've never seen before there- and sat down,doing nothing...my best friend sat next to me and she showed me a new manga book -yes im a anime freak >///< - and we talked for a while. i was in a rush for my other friend to hurry and finish for the fear of being late to class,but when ever i looked at the clock it was all ways the same time. there was people saying ''oohs'' and ''awws'' and we looked back and there was the naked brothers band crew (ugh! i hate them so much! >.<). we continued talking to show them our disrespect. they sat down right infront of us. the main singer was reading a book and sat across from me. we talked louder and giggled. he interupted us and said ''can you quite down?'' next to me my friend said ''shut up Alex!''.he rolled his eyes and read his book. i ate a fruit loop that was in my pocket and we all jumped beacuase there was loud music coming from my pack-pack and saw that there was a i-pod in it -wich i've never had one before,but i use my sisters- i brought it back to my chair and saw that the song that terrrified us was 'THE WORLD' from 'Nightmare 'something''.Alex i think hisname was said ''you like music'' -i remembered he was in a rock band-,showing my 'im a tough cookie act' i said ''yeah? and what of it?'' he mummbled a ''nothing'' and continued his book (i think it was one my favorites called ''Hatchet'') my friend gave me a ''are you thinking what im thinking'' look -i didn't lol but i followed her any way-.we went behind a stage (theres a stage in my cafeteria) and there was a base(music instrument). i insctictly started playing crazy good -i've never played one before o-o -.my friend sang the lyrics of ''BRAINS'' from Volitaire and i played the tune. they didn't really look at my friend singing but they were in awe at me. when we were done he gave me a heaert-to-heart smooch and i awoke. i don't think its that wierd since i always have wierd dreams -im always in a game show at my grandmas and shes the host and speaks fluent english-and she doesn't O-O-,so yeah leave a comment if you want...i guess.

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