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Monster in the Castle I woke myself up!

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Monster in the Castle I woke myself up!

Postby tcmama » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:19 pm

Okay this one leaves me looking for answers. I dreamed I was in a very large but beautiful mansion Castle like house. I was there as an invited guest of the new owners, an old couple in their late 70s. My family was with me in the house some where but I was not paying attention to them as I was preoccupied with the party which had led me up to the top of the beautiful double stair case. At the top was a large landing more like a room with a HUGE fireplace to the left of the room and to the left of the fire place was a large rounded doorway. The old couple was very nice and took a liking to me so much so that they were ignoring the other guests who were in very fancy party cloths all around us. I did not notice at first but the clothing was from the 1800s but this did not even hit me until later in the dream. I was enjoying the charming old couples company and the gentleman asked me to dance. The music was not something I had ever danced to before, but it was so beautiful I wanted to try. It was ball room style dancing and he was very good at teaching me how to follow his lead. I was having a great time when I noticed the old women in the corner of the room bend down and pick up a small wooden box. She opened it up and scooped out the entire contents with both hands to show me what it was. To my delight it was all sorts of gold jewelry and rings and precious jewels. She told me all the furniture and other things like this box were in the house when they bought it. I was very happy for them because they were so happy to be showing me and the other guests their new home. I looked over above the fire place and I saw a very large metal door high above the fire place with hinges on the bottom of it. This door was so oddly placed and so large that if it were to open it would come down like a ramp. I could see a key hole and I pointed to it and asked the old man what that was. He said that door was the only stipulation to buying the home..it was in the contract that that door was to never be opened and it never had been as far as they knew. As soon as he finished saying that I had a mental flash of a huge demon creature with large wings and hell fire all around him, I knew where ever that door led to it had something to do with the original family and how they had become so wealthy and stayed in power for so many generations. The old women stepped toward me from the door way beside the fireplace and took me by the hand and said let me show you more of the house. She started leading me through the door into the back hallways of the house and as we proceeded she would point out things about the home. As we proceeded I began to get very nervous and the old women keep getting more forceful as she was now tugging me by the had instead of leading me. I got scared and broke free of her grip and told her I forgot something and would be right back. I ran back to the room where the part was, this is when I noticed the 1800s clothing on the guests. I saw the 2 stair cases and knew I had to leave NOW...my daughters voice flashed in my head that the house needed to be feed and I freaked out. I rushed down the first of the two stair cases which I thought was the way out but when I got to the bottom I could see that this stair case led to the huge interior of the house and it was dark and empty like a HUGE Hotel lobby. I then started screaming for my mother as she was with me when we first got to the house but she and everyone else had left already. I did notice even though it was HUGE and dark it was warm and cozy some how. I then said out loud that Im dreaming and I need to wake up NOW...so I started saying wake up wake up wake up and I began to roll back and forth in bed a little and woke my self up from this dream at: am...WHAT WAS THAT! Thats it hope you can follow it or have any incites...Thanks
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