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Characters in my dream

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Characters in my dream

Postby Spanxyphaux » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:53 am

An interesting dream I had I was I went into this bar "sin city" feeling place, had a boxing ring in the center. I became lucid and realized how goofy it was that me and my brother were standing inside the boxing ring at the ropes watching 2 guys boxing each other and Willie Nelson was there next to us, I recognize that it's him and he talks to me like he just saw me from another time and I was just like this is hilarious Willie Nelson in my dream recognizes me and shakes my hand and hands me a bowl and a lighter to smoke out of and we both smoked it and I returned it to him by swing it around my back. My brother is being shy and awkward as I do it being like whoa keep that hidden what are you doing that's not a good idea and I'm fully lucid ignoring him and simply fascinated looking around this big place with all these people walking around and sitting and talking. I hop out the ring and go around the back side behind the main floor of the place to sort of a locker room style bonus room with a bathroom, these 2 dudes were there, one looked like that ufc fighter Brock Lesner and I walked into the bathroom where he was and I wanted to look at myself in the mirror he shrugged off I just walked in there, gave me some small talk and talking smack to me and the other dude by the door I like I was in the movie good fellas the way they were talking. I close the door so I'm alone looking at myself in the mirror and wondered where my hat is because I normally wear a hat, this dudes camouflage Alaskan hat for winter whatever it's called was sitting next to the sink and a trench coat I yelled for the guy asking where my hat was just because why not I'm in my dream I'll start seeing how things react in this place. One of them said something and I didn't hear because there were a lot of sounds of other people out there at the main floor where the bar and tables and all were. Of course the way dreams can work I just looked down to my other side and my baseball hat magically appeared there, I put it on, look at myself again then start being mosey looking around the bathroom, it's amazing, I'm just opening stuff up and there is all kinds of Random stuff that belongs to the two dudes. There was a wallet and I pull it out and see a id lots of cash and for fun I open something else and it's a black bag with a lot more wads of cash , and I was giggling and laughing as I found it cuz I thought, "dream cash" how useless is dream cash. I thought about putting some in my pocket so I could wake up and want to check my pockets. I tossed all the money in the air and left the bathroom. I begin to walk around the corner and just kinda hang around and look at all the characters going about doing their own stuff. Then I notice this lady in black dress sitting on the floor away by herself near me to my right, I go up to her and at this point I'm happy and slightly smug about how I'm still in this place and haven't woken up. I test it out and see how this dream character would interact with me. I say hey and she smiles and is friendly and says hi with a smile, then I ask "so, who are you supposed to be?" She says with a slightly curious head tilt and stares at me for a second "I'm Sarah Silverman". I'm like " oooh okay cool" I study her and look her up and down and I see she looks a whole lot like the lady Sarah Silverman in real life. She said I need to get back and goes over to the bar like she is working there. I'm super fascinated at this point and decide to experiment further on what will I get out of speaking more to her. I go over behind the bar and stand there with her and ask "do you know what this place is? And "do you know who I am?" The was a computer and a mouse next to me and I grab the mouse and put it my chest and clicking it and then put it to my head and dramatically give it one big click and put my hand out waving across the entire place like a it's a show and put it down. It was like she found me being cute at first and I was getting her to wonder what is going on, then a dude walks up asking me to get out from behind the bar, I told him no it's okay you know who I am, he wanted to be playful and joked to me that we can go and have some fun in the boxing ring he walks over and is cleaning a scotch glass I looked over and said I really don't give 2 f$@!s and went tried to get back to talking to the Sarah lady. She ended up walking away to help someone at a table and I realized I was starting to wake up. I walked to the middle of the place near the boxing ring and the bartender dude and the Sarah lady were talking about me in the distance and she was saying to him something like I don't know what's going on with him shaking her head and glanced over at me like I was being shrugged off. I started to ghost away and finally woke up. Anyone experiment by interacting with people in your dreams like this?
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