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Was i lucid dreaming or dreamt within a dream?

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Was i lucid dreaming or dreamt within a dream?

Postby Tensaw » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:25 am

Need help, we had like a small party and i was talking to girl for which i would probably die for although she has a boyfriend for a long time, and later to a girl which kinda likes me. Got home late, somewhat drunk, went to sleep

Dreamt pretty much the same scenario but at the different location - me talking to her almost the same sentences i said at the party, same sitting position, the same sad feeling of me knowing that we will never be anything more than a friends and while we talked there was also that second girl. What i think happened next was the "girl i would die for" got up started leaving and i closed my eyes in despair(almost the same happened at the party in real life) and somehow ended up in place which i couldnt really explain more than a...post apocalyptic sewer?..

*at this point im not sure if i had awaken in the real world and went back to sleep again*

so yeah, at that strange place, long story short, i ended up talking to for who i think was the second girl while that first girl was near us, and while we talked i kept saying "i know this is the dream, but i dont know the reason im dreaming it", got fed up with it and said "i wont dream this anymore"... and again ended up at that same first place talking to the first girl... rain started to fall but i wasnt bothered.. something happened and i woke up

Feeling dazed for a few seconds, then a few seconds of panic cause i thought i overslept alarm for a job and it turned out i woke up about 40 minutes before alarm feeling really rested which is funny cause i slept for like a 3-4 hours. So yeah, i usually dream every night or so but never have I dreamt the same scenario at the different place, especially not with this girl, and i had really strange dreams about her but never anything sexually, always some sad dreams of me talking and doing everything i can to make her feel comfortable. Its not like i cant live without her, i dont think about her everyday nor do I cry... just think shes the one. Almost 10 months had passed from me asking her out but somehow always end up sad when talking to her...

ouh and im 22, kinda had rough growing up. Sorry for long post
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DM Lurker
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