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The Power of Lucid Dreams

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:51 am
by The Enlightened
Out of all my recurring lucid dreams certain factors seems consistently revalent. These factors include: Imagination, Logic, Personality, and Fearlessness. If you fear in a dream your mind will think for you, it will disrupt any attempts and your imagination can make the situation worse, but with the right personality... for example comedic relief, you can effectively counter attack it and regain control. In addition, one of the most import aspects of Lucid dreaming is logic, ask yourself are you dreaming, then tell yourself if this was a dream some things should... how to put it, be out of place. You need to get your mind to look for things out of place, and if you do this right and are wanting, it'll make things out of place for you just for you to tell. After this you should feel reassurance, why? Because after you are aware give yourself confidence without doubt, THIS is your DREAM and your now in control (as long as fear or your mind doesn't get distracted). Another tactic is telling yourself your sleeping or going to sleep in the echoes in your mind, when you achieve dreaming it may be the last thing you remember and you will become lucid. But mostly, if you don't ask yourself if it's a dream, and if it is so wish for it to show you, you'll probably never know. Unless you are extremely logical, for say: let's say a monster comes out, it's clearly a dream now look how unreal it is, purge yourself of fear and you can simply poof it out of it's puny existence. That is all the suggestive influence I care to enlighten you with, this is no guarantee but it should help. Remember the depending factor is you, and perhaps in future I can enlighten you on countering the most fearsome of nightmares...

- The Enlightened