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Interpretation with whatever this was...?

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Interpretation with whatever this was...?

Postby orvchimaru » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:29 pm

First off I hope this is in the right section, if not I deeply apologize.

Now on to the story.

Basically I was trying to fall asleep using different ASMR YouTube videos until I found one titled "Hypnosis for finding your Spirit Guide in a Lucid Dream" so out of curiosity I clicked it and began listening.

I did what you're not supposed to do and read the comments and soon found myself nervous and a little frightening but I still continued on with the experience.

At the beginning of the audio I followed everything he stated to make sure I was relaxed and aware of what I was doing, my heart was still beating kind of fast but soon it slowed down to a normal pace after feeling really calm.

As the audio went on he instructed me to think of a place where I feel safe if there is one and the season.

Not knowing where that might be it actually turned out to be the pool in the sub-division where I grew up, it was during the summer and I genuinely felt happy during this.

After doing that he instructed me to find a magical object of some sort and so I did, one was a wand and the other was an orb.

Soon after that the placed changed and I was in the forest, there were two creatures there and I don't really know what they were I just knew they were hairy and one was a female and the other was a male, the male came up behind the female and pulled her hair over her head and we all laughed because it was funny and right after that the "dream" went dark.

After a while I started seeing objects and as they got clearer they were skulls and then more bones....they kind of formed like a square reminding me a burial ground or just a straight up grave?

Now these skulls and bones formed a square in the earth and only that square started moving down and then coming back up leveled with the earth and continuing this motion until I woke up. While the square piece was going up and down dirt was moving around and I soon started to see numbers, the first number that I saw was the number 9, now I didn't really know what to make of this...it didn't really make much sense bones and numbers?

The square continued to do it and then the next number I saw was a number 4, after that a symbol that I can't quite make out appeared, then the letter X. I started getting nervous and at this point I couldn't tell if this was a dream or I was just in deep imagination while this was going on so I tried to manifest a being to help me calm down as my heart started to pick up pace again, the first person I thought of was the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, I tried manifesting her but she wouldn't physically appear in this thought/dream but I could "hear" her telling me to look into her eyes and not at the square, the thing is I was trying but I just couldn't see her so my eyes were still focused on that square moving up and down.

Now the weird part happens, that square continued to move but it started moving faster, up and down up and down. As it started moving faster I heard the instructors voice again and he said my spirit guide was awaiting me as they have been waiting for me for quite some time and I needed to let them know with a word or gesture that I was giving them the okay to come and greet me. Now as he was saying this, in the middle of that square that was moving up and down I saw a pole, it was coming out of the ground and my heart was beating faster. For some reason this pole was really scaring me and then the middle of my chest and collarbones started to tingle and that's when I "woke" up, I just couldn't take it anymore I was kinda scared and kinda confused...now I'm sitting here wondering what it could have meant.

I want to try this again but I'm afraid it'll only be worse than now.

TL;DR: I tried finding my spirit guide and ended up in some weird burial ground with bones and skulls forming an X in the earth as the square was moving up and down I saw the numbers 9 & 4, a symbol I can't quite make out, and then the letter X. As the instructor told me my spirit guide was awaiting me the ground started moving faster and a pole started to rise out of the ground, my chest and collarbone started to tingle and then I woke up, I want to know what it could possibly mean.

Was this even a lucid dream?
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