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What does this mean

PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:48 pm
by exx
So I've never bothered with interpreting my own dreams that much, but this one was weird and left me unnerved.

I was having a lucid dream last night. It's somewhat rare for me, but not that infrequent.
I started out in my own house, which as usual in this scenario for me was a house I have never seen before. Very early on I realized I was dreaming and instead of taking the usual do-anything-I-want approach, I decided to just let it play out to see where it goes on it's own. Without loosing my grasp on knowing it was all just a dream of course.
It started out fairly normal with some distinct dreamy weirdness. I was home and had a girlfriend there I didn't recognize. My parents came over and stayed in the guest bedroom. normal things with some off things as well, like my parents were unusually messy and careless. There was also no glass in any windows or doors in any doorways. The first part of my dream here was rather long so I'll skip dialog and boring things, but basically it was the feeling of being in the holidays with family and friends around, but I was unsure what holiday it was. I do know it was warm outside.
Later on, we had all left to go out to eat and on the drive home that night was where it got weird. I was on my motorcycle, a sport bike, following my girlfriend back to my house on a sparsely populated interstate. I noticed that she slowed down and took the wrong exit, which I missed so I proceeded to keep on the normal route. I didn't see that the highway was closed for construction ahead though, so I had to stop and turn around to go the wrong way on my side of the interstate to take the exit that she had taken. while turning around I decided to stop for a second and look at the construction, and that's when I noticed a leather glove sticking out of the bike. My sport bike I was on had morphed into a kind of large moped with the engine in the front and a big long seat with storage underneath it. The glove was sticking out of some plastic grill underneath the handlebars facing me. I thought it was mine and must have forgot to put it back in the storage compartment, but when I grabbed it there was a hand underneath. A child's hand. Sure enough, after closer inspection, there was a whole child attached to it and sitting there looking at me from behind the plastic grate. He was kind of sitting on the engine. Still lucid, I took the the 1 or 2 year old out , who didn't say a word or cry, and held him while I rode to the nearest house. It turned out to be my girlfriend's brother's house and all their family was there. I got off my bike and opened the storage seat, which held two more older kids around 5 and 6. Weird, but I'm like "Ok this is a dream so keep going." I had these three kids with me as I went inside the house. They all recognized them as my sisters kids, which I don't have a sister, and just greeted me without worrying when I told them how I got there with them. I was totally confused by their reactions and asked if one of them could drive the children home, which they all refused saying they had made plans to go out that night. After pleading with them, and hearing their response of just put them back in the bike's storage, I ended up stealing my girlfriend's brother's truck and drove them home myself.
Then I woke up.

So, it's not that weird, but for some reason this dream has really bothered me today. Like something is pulling at me to understand it.
Can anyone help?

Re: What does this mean

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:27 pm
by Noodles95
There was also no glass in any windows or doors in any doorways.

A window represents your outlook on life perhaps something is missing.

the highway was closed for construction ahead though

Construction represents an obstacle in the way of your end goal, something is blocking your path.

there was a whole child attached to it

To dream of a child may represent some self loathing or a feeling of neglect.

I hope this helps!

Re: What does this mean

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:28 am
by Subconscious_Surveyor
This is my very meager opinion:

Sometimes dreams, even lucid dreams, are just that. Dreams. I think trying to put a specific meaning to each and every item or person is somewhat futile. For instance, I don't think that if you and I both dreamt of a motorcycle that it would necessarily have the same meaning or any meaning at all, past our possible inherent interest in bikes.

That being said, if the dream has left you disturbed as of late, then I would suggest breaking down the dream and determining what part(s) give you the uncomfortable feeling. If you suddenly find yourself with a strange girlfriend or an even more strange baby inside your bike perhaps you're mind is thinking about the future and your desire to move forward. I find that stressful dreams usually come from stresses in our waking life, and what's more stressful than an uncertain future?

Point being, it could be nothing more than an exceptionally odd dream or it might be related to issues or stresses in your personal life.

Either way hopefully this encourages some creative thinking that can help you become more at peace with the dream.