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Still learning to be aware that I'm dreaming...

PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:06 pm
by SergeRayRodrigo
The past two nights, I had three dreams.
The first night I dreamed that a coworker named Tammie took me to Human Resources for reasons that were unknown to me. Me, Tammie, my boss, and a skinny, maybe hipster douche guy in a suit with a brief case were sitting in a warehouse. The skinny douche began asking me about when I worked at Red Cross (my previous job). He asked if I had a relationship with Kate (girl I was dating at that time) and Asia (a girl who kept texting me at that time). I laughed at the skinny douche because I didn’t even work at Red Cross anymore. And he got the name of the girl wrong; it was Persia not Asia. I then told him a solid “No” before questioning is ability to even get quotes right if he can’t even get names right. My boss laughed at this…A LOT. Tammie seemed irritated. More accusations were posed to me as I continued to shoot them down and mock his ability to do his job. It wasn’t until he pulled out his phone and was getting ready to show me some video proof of me and Tammie engaging in oral sex in a supply room. I pause to try and remember if I did that or not…until I realized that I was dreaming so I walked out of the warehouse. I remember my last thoughts were this: even if he had proof, I’d just play the victim and say that she was an older woman forcing herself on a younger man. And that no one takes a man seriously when he says that a woman is harassing him. So due to gender equality, at least we’d both get fired.
Me realize I was in a dream was especially rare because I’ve only ever had one other lucid dream in my entire life.
My second dream was on the second night. It started with me and my current girlfriend going to what is called Sunday Assembly. It’s for people who are former Christians who still want to go to some kind of happy, singing, social gathering because they are still used to going to church. We drove to a middle-of-nowhere building seemingly in farm country Tennessee. I think it was raining and we got lost. My girlfriend’s friend was there. And I remember I was annoyed with her friend because she keeps complaining about my girlfriend’s cat clawing up her couch in the waking world. I remember just being annoyed in general by the whole Sunday assembly thing because it reminds me of happy white people church; and not the fire and brim stone church that I went to as a kid. To be fair, I don’t like my childhood church either. I walked out and told my concerned girlfriend that I needed to think about some things. So I hoped back in my car and drove down the street maybe to get some food from the local eateries. I woke up from that dream thinking that my girlfriend and her friend’s work and pet problems were so small because I know what is bugging me. And it’s so big that it helps me minimize life’s everyday worries. But also makes me cold towards other people’s everyday issues.
This big issue brings me to my third dream. I went back to sleep and dreamed that I was in the house that I am renting a room in as we speak. Only it was much bigger in the dreams and it reminded me of a house my family rented when I was in high school. My landlord’s kids were over and they wanted to play in my room and his older son wanted to bring his skinny white girlfriend in my room to make out. I got stern with them until the youngest kept getting more and more demanding. I picked him up gently and told him that I paid 450$ a month and some utilities so I can decide what to do with my room! He was not happy and I remember watching them through a two way mirror as I continued my lab work from home. Then I saw my disabled sister, who I have not seen in about seven years. She walked into the kitchen and looked just like she did back in 1999. Still young and a bit chubby, she seemed to recognize me but sat down at the kitchen table and began eating. I kept crying and screaming that this wasn’t real, it was like the ending of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. I curled up in a ball in the corner of the room and refused to look at her until our father walked in. He looked like he was only a few years older than me now. I also haven’t seen him or my mom in about seven years. I asked him why he came. And before he answered, my landlord walked in with his younger kids. I ask them if they know each other and my landlord and father both say yes. So I decide that I need to pull out my pro digital SLR camera to document this event because no one would believe me. I run back to my room and dig through my back pack and find it. But the flash is gone and the room seems to require one. I find out that my landlord and perhaps his kids reorganized all my stuff without my knowledge. So I start looking on my shelves and I realize that I was dreaming; so I walk out of the house.
Two lucid dreams is an odd occurrence since I’ve only ever had one in 33 years of life.
I woke up in a panic and slowly came to the realization that none of this dream applies to my current life. I am alone, my parents are still gone and their banning of me and my other sister from seeing our disabled sister is still in affect due to religious dogma.
Thoughts? Feelings? Questions? Jokes? Grammar and punctuation trolls? Spam? Interpretations? Negativity? Smugness? Condescension? ANYTHING is welcome!

Re: Still learning to be aware that I'm dreaming...

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:57 pm
by Sheena
Notice the expression of aloneness followed by begging for a response. This is called preoccupied Anxious attachment.

Re: Still learning to be aware that I'm dreaming...

PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:33 am
by MonkeyMostEvil
@SRS- Hey sorry to be the bearer of bad news- but we here at Sheena Moods are actually a grammar site. Sorry for the confusion...