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How powerfull is your lucid dreams?

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

How powerfull is your lucid dreams?

Postby lexpet7777 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:48 pm

Well i was reading alot on the net about lucid dreams, the theory that there are not dreams in a dream etc.
I will write following since i registered this account minutes ago. My dreams in lucid form are very powerful. Has nothing to do with phrases "im better then you" "he is not subtle" etc. Why i say my lucid dreams are powerful is that when i realize im trapper in a dream. I use word trapped because this is exactly what it is. Im awake at fullest. But because my body is still not responsive this is a nigthmare im sense of disturbance. But over thr years i developed the method that i wake on demand. Not wake wake is a wrong word but to stimulate my body so my eyes can open. It requires enormous amount of energy for me to do that. The reason i dont let my self fall in lucid dream and stay there because my brain is telling me that this is dangerous and every time i have association with death. Its like something foreigner is abouy to happen. This is not my will this is my brain protecting me. How i wake up. I wake up wifting my head left and right with force so i can trigger muscle responce i even try to to open eyes. I have managed yo open my eyes several times in real life while eyes are shutting down by them selfs. Still trying to stimulate muscle response. No this is not me drraming that i dream that im trying something while this is still a dream kind of BS i read on plenty of forums. This is actually happening. As worst i had 20 lucid dreams falling asleep cycles. That means you fall asleep you fall directly in lucid dream. U fall asleep awakened or at best, dream delay awakaning in seconds. Trying to wake 20 times in a row in just a period of 30 minutes requires enormous amount of energy.for so called there is no dream in a dream as it is continious dreams in a row. I dont believe that at all nor do i assocciate anything with movie inception. I dont believe that there is continious dreaming as one form at all. Now imagine my powerfull dreaming. And are aware and you are doing thr same routine but u are now in another dream without a dream. You are in transition. Now further you are trying to wake up buy now even more. Now i musy mention yhat aeakening is real because i can see even if it fails. There is no connection with muscles at all. No muscle response ay all but u are able yo trigger just that little that you can awake on single response that why im saying it takes huge amount of energy. This is not done by one incident alone this is years and years of nightmare and disturbance. There are layers nothing to do with inceptions but dreams cant be explained not even by top scientist. Lucid dreams can. Chemicals are noy in syncronization. Brain didnt get real time response that its time to wake both of you im se time. Brain and body. For me waking up from lucid dream is like running 1 marathon not to mentiom waking up from 20 continious lucid cycles. Thank god it doesnt happen so often. Buy one or two every night to every other night. So i practice awakening all the time. Now on other mather i did experience something else for first time in my life. And that is a clarity in a dream. Never before had i suvh a dream. Yeah i know everybody had realsitic dreams before like it was so real. But this in comparison is whem everybody else is dreaming realistic dream which let us say is Full HD this was more like 8k with HDR but not only that the presence was something i cant explain. This reality which i write from right now in comparison is 4k. That i experienced couple of nights ago was mellow. So easy so clear so right there. Now maybe thay was me accpeting lucid dream which i camt comment what that was. But it was most beatiful thing i ever experienced.
P.s was writing from my phone. Small keyboard. For those who can read with errors good. For those who cant try yiu will learn that people can even read misspelled. Scientifically prooved! Its to long for me to correct every sentence
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DM Lurker
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