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The closet witch. Series of dreams

PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:00 am
by Thesweed
Ok I'm not the one to talk so seriously about my dreams but I feel I have some questions about mine. It's a series of dreams and I really want to know what they are. If there is any mythical identities to this please let me know. The first dream I can't quite remember but I know it was dark and in a very empty house but not empty feeling. I open a closet door and I get spooked from some entity. 2nd dream I'm in a hallway it's very dark and there is people with me not sure who but someone hands me a flashlight to shine at something in one of the rooms while telling me not to look at its face. I shine into the deep dark room that seems to be 20 meters long at the back is a from what I only can describe as a witch I look at it and it moves towards me and I wake up. Last night I had to dream only I remember the warning I take the flashlight and I shine it and she slowly moves towards me she accepts my challenge I continue to not look while she moves around me. Before I know it I'm not in the same .I've been separated from the people in the hallways from setting like a bubble then the witch asks from a dance so we dance. While not looking at her face we dance I remember moving along the hallway what's seemed to be a good 3 minutes dancing and not lookin at her face. Finally the dance ends and she tells me she's accepted to leave but she will come back next time I open any closet with her inside. I patiently wait then forcefully wake up from my dream state. Again if there is any stories of a similar entity let me know. This was real enough from me to join this forum. Thanks.