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strange lucid dreams

PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:30 pm
by saleisha
hello , im new to this form and i need some help with my dreams.
im dutch so my english isn't perfect.

i have a lot of lucid dreams since young age. They never direclty start lucid .
Somtimes it happens when my dream is turning in to a nightmare. when evreyone disappears
so i can wake my self up or change things.

But these days my dreams are very strange.

The first to times i dreamed about people i havent seen in a very long time.
The day after the dream i saw them.

The second dream was freaking me out.
i was in my yard with a friend and wanted to fly
And behind the yard where 3 kids of my school.
i asked them if they wanted to stay over but they refused
Right before i wanted to take flight my other friend walked out of my house so i grabed her hand to so we could fly. but when i turned my head the people in the yard vanished. Then i looked at my friends who i was holding and they were just hanging. So i became lucid and tried to wake myself up. While trying i could hear the fan in my bedroom so i knew it was working. but when i open my eyes i was paralyzed. Looking at a smal figuere besides my bed standing next to my fan hitting my arm.
when i noticed that moving wasnt going to happen i just kept starring at i hopping i would wake up.
and then finally it stopt moving but i could stil see it. so i tried to move again an it dissapeard.

Is this normal :? I dream lucid very often but never with sleep paralyzis.

Then my other dream.

I was going on trips on the bus. evry time a trip enden i want back in to a smal cafe. but the 3rd time when i sat down i watched out of the window and i only saw a few block of houses en the sky was white as if my dream was like a unfished painting. At that point i became lucid again an suddenley the'white' replaced most of the houses so the block was even smaller .
At this point little candy monsters( yes it sounds stupid) came in to the cafe ! me and an other man (who looked like my uncle) tried to kick em out. there was also a tv in the room it tried to show me somthing i only remeber the words 'bangladesh and 3rd eye'. a while later the bar lady cals me and said eat this medicine so i ate it and the monsters stop comming also there where more peolple in the room.
i went trough a door and i came in a very strange room and i just started running why i dont know. onlynther whas a kind of trap further on with beams moving so i stopped and try to run back. but then the others where running to me telling me i need to run. still lucid i was tinking 'okay dont worry its a dream the paint isnt real so i ran trough thevtrap. feel the fake pain but walking trough

i woke up after this because my mom woke me up.

my question is is this normal do lucid dreamers get sleep paralysis alot.
Does it mean somthing?