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Whale Cannons and Daddy Long Hoppers

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Whale Cannons and Daddy Long Hoppers

Postby Braindrizzle » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:13 pm

All my dreams are "lucid" so I suppose I will put them here. Aka I always know I'm dreaming, have total control like rewinding and doing things differently if I so choose, body hopping, changing anything I please really, and I love every second of it even if it's bad.
I'm new, nice to meet you!

I am so curious as to the meanings of my excitingly crazy dreams; I get bored when my dreams lack action. Here's a short one:

So the night before last night, I dreamed of these huge creatures with bodies that were both machines (with guns) and furry, they had huge grasshopper legs, but moved like spiders; daddy long leg grasshopper... Unmanned war machines. They were so big, they looked like they moved slow and I knew I didn't I want to get in the way of them. And the air support was like blimps, but they were actually killer whales... And cannons. Which fired at me and the three? other people as we ran to a Jeep and piled in. I wasn't driving. we were driving away from the danger and I was standing on the back of the Jeep facing everything and trying to figure out how I could stop them, (because that's a reoccuring theme, survival or saving people, usually both) but then whales cannons were distracting me by trying to kill us... Things were exploding, the Jeep was swerving all over the place, debris was flying through the air; it was awesome! I was super enthralled just watching the spider beasts since we were on higher ground by that point and I could see the tops of them, but people were screaming and fearing for thier lives so I jumped off the Jeep at the whale creeping up on us- like Drax would, but then I woke up. Sad.

Anyway, it was the tail end of a very large dream that was briefly interrupted toward the end by my cat yelling at me to wake up thus I lost the memory of what came before. It​ feels like it's on the edge of my mind, but still out of reach. What do the beasties mean? They were sooooo coool
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Re: War of Your W☺rld

Postby Superman1 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:20 pm

It's like you weren't in control in this life battle, that may have seemed both mechanical, and with warmth or wanting that.
And perhaps wanting to jump ahead of this fear that moved so slow. Grasshoppers are the quickest, not slowest how it was going.
And to save yourself or perhaps relationships from this. So it may be in the people area. Maybe having multiple legs means many.
The air support might be what was deep and big in you, like a fear, getting above you. Maybe making the whales the peaceful type will help you win.
You were not driving the jeep, like the war machines were unmanned, but you faced everything trying to figure out how to stop the enemy.
You were swerving out of control in this exciting chaos, but then got on higher ground, and saw above this fearsome thing.
But that made you more scared as it creeped up on you.

Maybe your cat yelling at you to wake up was also a symbol of this reality, as a cat can mean your solitary, or independent, side.
And this dream can be about your
Interdependence Day, so maybe what came before relates to that, which your cat-side made you forget if it's too dominant.

Symbolic Illustrations by H.G. Hells
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