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Saw dream as simulation, abilities went wild

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Saw dream as simulation, abilities went wild

Postby ryan7585 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:48 am

I've heard that with lucid dreaming, it's best when you know in the back of your mind that you're dreaming, but you don't actively acknowledge it because if you do, you're likely to wake up. Well, in a dream I had a few nights ago, that seemed to not matter anymore. This was how it went:

I was on the way to meet up with some people to come up with a plan for some thing or another, and the guy I was with told me there would be a guy there who was huge, and most people were scared of him, but he was a nice guy so I shouldn't worry. When we got there, that was basically the case. Pretty big guy, but charming. Every time I looked at him, though, he was bigger. It eventually got to the point that every time he took a step, the ground shook. I was overtaken with terror by this point, when I suddenly realized that my fear was what was actually shaking the ground- it had manifested this guy, made him huge, everything. At this point my mind created a backstory for the situation, where I had been put in a simulation of some sort.... I basically suddenly remembered that out of nowhere. But once that switch happened in my brain, the shaking felt good for some reason. Like I was more in sync with it or something. It felt exciting in a scary way, sort of like anticipation. Then this giant, like 200 ft concrete door right next to us started to slowly close. I saw it as our only way out or something and ran through, to a massive dark room with another giant door on the other side. It started to close too, and I almost didn't make it.. and the ground shaking, from the door rumbling as it closed, made it hard to run, but I got through. On the other side was this vast expanse of tall grass in the moonlight, blowing in the wind, surrounded by mountains. I seemed to be able to control the wind, so I used it to lift me up in the air. I flew around the landscape for a while.... I don't remember everything I did from there, but I do remember that the last thing I was doing was hovering up in the sky, collecting sunset clouds around me in a huge whirlpool

I have no Idea how I could induce something like this again, but I'd love any advice anyone could provide. The way that shaking felt, it seemed like I could've moved mountains if I really tried
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Saw dream as simulation, abilities went wild

Postby Braindrizzle » Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:34 am

This is similar to my dreaming style, that excited fear and anticipation; I can't get enough! Minus flying, I prefer to stick to the ground since there are more places to hide and I fight endlessly. I have moved mountains before, and moulded an entire galaxy once. (100% blaming playing too much Mario Galaxy for that one) it was very relaxing, I got bored and chose to wake up when I was done. Eons later...

If trying to trigger lucidity... Errr...
I have never gone out of my way to learn lucid dreaming, but when I was a kid it used to get out of control and I would be rewinding or fastforwarding even when I had woken up and was standing; it was very disorienting, sometimes I'd fall over and my mom would think I was getting into trouble, meanwhile my eyes are rolling like I'm gonna have a seisure, but really I just couldn't find up quite yet. xD sometimes I was terrified because I dream of monsters and scary situations a LOT. Went to hell a couple times. Just visiting. ANYWAY I ended up just trying to remember my dreams in as much detail as I could right after waking up, tell the story out loud to myself... Next thing I know, it's like 20 years later and I never have a NONlucid dream. I think just working on remembering makes you pay more attention when you're dreaming so you can tell yourself in the morning. And of course when you're paying attention you can see things aren't the same as the waking world and you become aware.

I tried to control my dreaming with an iron fist back then because I didn't want to face monsters or certain death or anything remotely scary, but when you dream, your mind is trying to speak to you, the universe is speaking to you; the brain is incredible being able to give itself orders. Locking out scary things made me feel... Wrong. Sleep was the worst. I started going with my dreams, adapting to what situations they put me in, paying attention to everything... I never ever feel scared when I dream now, even if I die, even if I can vividly feel that knife in my chest or bullet in my head, even drowning if surprise asthma attack gets me... Because I always die facing whatever my unconscious wants me to see and I never feel more alive than that moment! I just wish I knew wtf half the shit meant, right!? XD

I got excited and ranted, sorry ^^;


* Try recalling in the morning, dunno why but it helped me be better at summoning and or shifting in following dreams, maybe because my brain recorded the story twice.
* Ask yourself the time often; trust me
Time will be your plaything and conveniently transfers to real world time once you get the hang of it. "I've been in this area about a week, it should be around 2am realtime", for example. You have to be very aware of the time differences in your levels of unconcious to do that however. Sometimes a dream week is like five hours, other times a half hour. Sometimes you have years of dream time. (Example; galaxy dream)
*Pay attention to your clothes... That's a very quick give away (in my case I'm checking my current host body, but it's the same as a shirt, really; learned to bodyhop to fight more efficiently, stop dying and keep track of the people I look after)

You'll get powers as need or situation arises, the easiest thing is to know you're a god.
Don't fight it, trust yourself; you have all the tools you need and so much more even if you don't realize right away.

I strongly believe facing things head on provides best ability unlocks, such as meeting that guy and​ knowing he was good even if he gets really big, and getting through that door in time.
Might take some time
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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