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First dream post. Looking for meanings

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

First dream post. Looking for meanings

Postby WildDreamer25 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:54 am

Hey everyone. I posted in lucid dreams because when I woke up my heart rate was elevated and I was sweating. I did some serching on the website for multiple things but thought it best to post since a lot of the things weren't listed.

In my dream, I was alone and struggling with a decision to enter a strip club. Eventually I broke down and paid the cover charge and entered the facility. Just before I paid, I met 4 of the strippers. They were all very nice to me (not in a sexual, we want all of your money kind of way) and we talked for a while about things I can't remember now. Upon entering the facility I found myself walking through an ever growing room. It was HUGE! I walked through 3 tiers of seating, at least it was explained to me that if I stopped at any tier I would have to pay the charge for that tier or go sit with the others who only paid the cover charge. I gravitated toward the non extra payment seating. But I felt out of place. The entire time. And once inside it seemed that everyone else was autonomous.

I went for a walk around the facility to see what I could find and ended up in the VIP section where men were getting happy endings. But as I passed one room I heard a woman talking to another woman and she said "I couldn't hook myself out of a boot show". I assumed she was talking about being a bad hooker, at least that was the feeling that was portrayed to me. Anyway, I left the VIP section and as I walked out I found a woman with her back toward me and I felt compelled to her. Like her energy wave matched mine and that she was in need of help. I placed my hand on her shoulder and when she turned to look at me I immediately began kissing her.

At this point, the 4 strippers I was talking to in the beginning got together and began parading around in different outfits. All of them doing their best to impress me. One was Supergirl, another was in a green feathery very revealing outfit and I don't remember the other two. I think one was in a skimpy batman outfit. I looked at the girl I was just kissing and asked her if she wanted to take a seat. I then found myself sitting in a lawn chair with her in my lap and she was yelling profanities at the strippers but we were sharing a beer. Then she looked at me, told me she loved me and gave me a kiss, but I distinctly tasted cigarettes on her breath this time (I hate cigarettes).

The next thing I know she gets up and runs away. She wasn't panicked or scared or anything, she just ran off into the distance for no apparent reason. The next moment flashes and I'm standing on a gravel driveway that's connected to a dirt road, like I would find back home in Texas, and she is in a black minivan directly in front of me and asking me to join her. For some reason I couldn't. Then I started noticing my surroundings. There were for other blacked out minivans around me. 2 on my left and 2 on my right. And the one she was in directly in front of me. She pleaded for me to get in the van but I couldn't. I felt the need to stand my ground. I looked to my left and noticed the only van that I was able to see the driver in and he was an Indian man. Like, from India. He didn't respond to me when I called. He just sat there emotionless and still unresponsive to anything going on around him.

At this point, the lady pleading for me to get into the van drove off. The moment she left the 4 vans began to drive in a circle around me. Before they could pick up too much speed, I kept from the middle of the circle and began trying to figure out why they were doing what they were doing. I felt they wanted to harm me but not kill me. I did not feel afraid for my life, but afraid of the unknown. What were their motives? Why wasn't the 1 driver responsive? What did I do to get into this situation and how do I get out? The vans had picked up enough speed at this point to turn into a van tornado and it was coming right for me. I kept behind a car and down into a ditch on the side of the road and began army crawling to a storm drain. Just as I entered the drain I looked back to see the van-Nado slam into the car I kept behind and push it Into the ditch then it started barreling toward me.

The vans were driving very rapidly in a circle but the speed it was approaching me was rather slow. As I sat in the storm drain I began going through strategies and scenarios in my head that would get me out of this situation. I was attempting to out maneuver the van-nado but not destroy it. Out wit it if you will. Then I woke up.

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