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Realistic dream

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:48 pm
by Jas93
I usually get realistic dreams but I only have pet 3-4 dreams that repeat. And if I ever get hurt in my drea, I usually wake up with physical pain in that area.
So today I was taking a nap and I had the most realistic and weirdest dream ever.
So my dream was that I was sleeping in the same position as real life in the same room. Even the show that was on my tv was the same exact show on my tv when I was sleeping. My phone in the same exact position. So i was seeping in my dream unable to move and everytime I would try to move, it would hurt my back. The whole time I tried to grab my phone in my dream to call for help but I was unable to. I saw shadows and I felt a arm near me so I tried to grab and I physically felt that I grabbed that arm. So this happened and then I felt a hand taking my soul somewhere and showing me a few people gathered around and he said that is where we all put our stuff and now that you know, you can leave. And the second he said that I woke up and was able to grab my phone which was at the exact same spot as my dream. :clap: