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Dreaming within. Minutes of sleeping

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Dreaming within. Minutes of sleeping

Postby mystyfyd » Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:02 pm

Does anyone have an answer to why I keep dreaming within minutes of going to sleep. These can be long or short dreams but usually not nice ones. Lucid dreams nearly always and never for the want of them. I hate lucid dreams!! They are never good in my head.
Does anyone else get this?
I also get it if I doze off in the day time (very rare chance these days).
Only ever asleep for a total of 5 to 10 minutes.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Dreaming within. Minutes of sleeping

Postby KundaliniRZA » Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:29 pm

These aren't normal dreams. I get them too when i dose of on the bus or nap on my couch. In my bed too but rarely because i have to stay conscious to see them. You're getting what I like to call visions. because of how quickly you are thrown in them. Scientific term is Hypnagogia but don't believe when they say its an hallucination because Ive received important messages with those and when guided it is a true creative bag and can help you when you need to know how to do/say something. reply For guidance. Ive induced those visions to see what maps i could create to finish a game!
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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