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Doing things I cant do in real life

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Doing things I cant do in real life

Postby kezzington » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:39 am

So recently I have been having some very strange dreams this week and was wondering if anyone can aniylise this for me.

This is my first thread on this site.

So recently I have been having very deep and long sleeps for example going to bed at 11pm waking up at 2 am and feeling like I have slept 7 hours.
But every time I fall asleep my dream continues from were I left off. Usually I have trouble remembering my dreams but these I cant really forget.

So lets begin,

My dream started last night with; Myself 2 woman and 3 males [sorry i dont know their faces] we were making our way across floating debry lie frame work and rocks, the river was like some sort of canal with tall white buildings at the sides and white walls were the water was we followed that for a while winding and turning usualy in 90 degree angles. We ended up finding a door with some strange symbol on it of which we all went inside following the tunnel deeper and deeper door after door not much change just lots of talk on what direction to take.

We eventually found a room with things similer to computer servers monitors and a table with a map of the world on it with icons on it and instead of the people i was with seeming lost all changed the mood changed and they all took a terminal or computer and brought out laptops, I also followed suit taking the terminal with the map in the middle of the room, plugged my laptop in and started to run a program and type things. this is the weird part I am fairly tech savi but i don't know any computer programming language except binary to decimal. I could not read what was infront of me but I understood what was been typed,

Things changed up again once we ended up getting access we started deleting and changing what i assume were international network cable searching for things that shouldnt be there all the symbols on the map that we worken on looked similer to this [!] and others were a triangle in brackets the first lot of problems were delt with like they are nothing but its the icons withh triangles thats were the hard ones again working on them with laptops and programming ext i dont really know how to explain it.

After a while we decided we done everything we could and started packing up our gear and left though another door we did not come though the people i was with left and i was the last person in the room I grabbed my laptop bag opened the door went though and the next thing i know im wide awake in my bed wondering what the hell i just wittnessed

anyone had anything similer to this ?
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