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This lucid dream went bad fast

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

This lucid dream went bad fast

Postby RBlackheart » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:01 pm

So I've recently been managing being able to control my lucid dreams much better. And last night, it was going fine, until I felt like it was being changed without my wanting it to happen.

So recently, I've been missing my friend who is in florida for a Halloween concert thing, and we don't always hang out because she has school and work too. So last night, I started having a dream where I was with my friend and we were just hanging out, and like always, I try to dress my best when we hang out because i'm very self conscious and paranoid that i'm being stared at. A while after it started I managed to take over completely and make it so that we had a nice outing. the first thing we did was what we do in real life, which is go to a supply store and help her pick out some school supplies for her classes and mess with things there. Then we headed out to go see a movie. I hate going to see movies and I just don't watch that many, but I agreed anyway because she loves movies, so I made it so it would be more comfortable for me to go see it, by changing the theater into more of a home environment that looked like my living room and away from too many other movie goers, quieter and the movie volume wasn't so loud.

I was paying attention to the nonsense I was creating on the screen which was just a cheesy fight scene when I had this very strange feeling for a few seconds. Next thing I know my friend points out that i'm not wearing pants... I thought, what the hell is going on?! I managed to take control again for a bit and found a pair next to me and put them on. This was very embarrassing, and things started changing fast. I had that same odd feeling and felt like I was being watched. The theater turned into a normal one again, the place was crowded and it was noisy, I started feeling claustrophobic and panicky. I look around and see someone I didn't expect to see here. It was a guy, that apparently is named "Alex" that seemed to be the cause of the whole thing going bad. He had this really big smile on his face like a kid who knows he did something wrong and is enjoying it, and he was waving at me before he exited the theater. After that I decided I was embarrassed enough and woke myself up.

To clarify, this person, "Alex" is someone who has been appearing in my dreams for almost a year now at random that I cannot control or change his actions like I can with other things or people in my own dreams. Normally, he is very quiet, polite, and sometimes a little hot headed when he gets upset, and sometimes even helps me when I need it in dreams and nightmares. So now I cant figure out why he suddenly reappeared in my dreams just to mess with me and leave. If he is a creation of my own mind, why cant I so something about him? And like always, he just appears and disappears when I need answers or make attempts to directly speak with him.

On a not so embarrassing note, at least I can control my dreams much easier now and become aware of them much faster.
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