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Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:49 pm
by February
I had a biggie the other night. I couldn't sleep so went into the spare room. Often when I end up sleeping in there, this happens.
On falling asleep I heard vividly in my head a girl say twice "I need your help" I was in what I call "The Zone" - half awake and half asleep. It's usually a beautiful place to be so I didn't want to fully wake up, but I did wonder what it was about, and whether some one "on the other side" was asking for help, and then, why me?

I must have dozed off as I dreamed I could hear a cat fight outside the bedroom window. I thought, hang on, there's no cats next door since the lady sold and moved away. I'm a huge cat lover and am aware of what cats are in the neighbourhood, and know unless one has traveled a way from home, then this must be a dream (rational thinking while being asleep) Two cats travelling for a fight in my garden was not on the cards in my head.

I then heard outside the window ( which in reality is the window in my usual bedroom, and not the spare room) what sounded like someone shaking a really heavy polythene sheet (as you do!), and I thought who, next door, is up shaking a polythene sheet in the middle of the night? It made me angry as it was keeping me awake (as I thought I was awake and not asleep!)

I then heard footsteps coming into the room, around the bed to the empty side and thought it was my partner coming to join me in the spare room, but there was a foreboding feeling about the nature of this shadowy figure I felt was approaching, and that it wasn't him.

This is when I tried to call for help, but the words wouldn't come out, I screamed again for help, but nothing would come out. I heard a loud noise in both my ears and my body began shaking quite violently.

I knew what was happening as It's happened a lot over the last few years, especially if I lay on my back.

I let it happen, but eventually I found myself fighting to stop it and I woke up.

I've been reading a lot about this on the net today which prompted me to post about it here to see who else has had the same sort of experience.

I'm not overly scared of it as I used to be, in fact some nights I try and bring it on. I've been half successful with it before, but seem to wake up as I start to vibrate.

Re: Awareness/Frozen/Shaken/Listening

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:17 pm
by Superman1
Better later than never.

Some issue was keeping you awake.
You or someone needed help.
Then a fight, either with yourself or another.
And probably this was what was keeping you awake or disturbing you.

:creeping: ALONE
As you went to the spare room, and in the dream thought the footsteps were your partner, can it be him?
And a shadowy figure taking his place.
"Often when I end up sleeping in there, this happens."
So you called for help then. But words wouldn't come out like helplessness or not being heard - hence loud noise in ears. And becoming frozen, you shook.
"It's happened a lot over the last few years, especially if I lay on my back" might suggest a submissiveness that can feel paralysing.

:fighting: FIGHTING
And it seems this must be a recurring thing.
So you end up fighting it.
Unless it's not about partner or just him, but maybe about you listening to yourself, such as your own needs or your own direction as well.
"I heard vividly in my head a girl say twice "I need your help.""

:idea: AWAKE AND ASHEET :dreams:
Why a polythene sheet? That is used to cover things up, usually to store things, or protect. Either of these could relate to you.
With the cat fight you thought you were asleep, then when the sheet was shaken in the middle of your darkness causing anger, you thought you were awake. So you may have been asleep to the fight, and needed waking up in your mind.
You started the dream between sleep and being awake, which I think describes your awareness of this issue, that it's coming to the surface at these times, but you are still unaware of it.

:heart: BIGGIE
I have to end by asking: What was the biggie you said you had that night? Was it an argument, or the dream, or an awareness or wake-up call that preceded it?

Re: Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:05 pm
by February
:lol: The biggie was the dream experience. To be honest with you, my partner and I rarely have bad words let alone an all out fight, so I'd say, it's me fighting myself over something if you want to go down that path.

Also, I read on a lucid dreaming site recently that loud noises in your ears and vibrating can be either you're just about to have an out of body experience, or you've been out and you're re-entering. If that's the case, it also could be I'm resisting that as I'd hate to get out and be unable to get back in again :whoa:

I actually think it might be a site you've visited before as I noticed a superman1 with an Aussie flag there too.

Re: Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:28 am
by Superman1
Hmm, ok. Or can it have been a 'fight" regarding others even in general? Next door might mean that. But a cat is probably the inner you. Inner you vs outside world maybe.
You've got good eyes. Yes apparently it's me but I never noticed that flag. But it's supposed to be an Antarctican flag - plain white. :geek:
...Maybe 'the other side' means your other side or spiritual area you wanted help with.

Re: Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:36 pm
by February
I'm actually dreaming that it's happening now, so I've no idea what's going on.
Had a dream last night that I was awake and couldn't sleep (as I had woken up and lay awake for a good while)
I was in this living room with people watching TV. I was supposed to know these people but don't in real life. I noticed this big cat laying on the back of the sofa, but when it got up it wasn't a domestic cat it was a massive lion! :whoa:
It got up and prowled about and I kept still so'snot to draw attention to it, so it wouldn't come to me - then I thought, no, this isn't real, I'm dreaming this, then I stopped the dream and went on to dream something else, happy to be asleep after all.

Maybe it was another Superman1 on the other dream site. The little flag was definitely an Aussie one.

Re: Living/Lion/Lucid Dream

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:49 pm
by Superman1
Haa, no it is me on the other site. I was joking about the flag. It's simply complicated. ;)

This dream seems quite simple to me, if this is right:.
"In a living room with people watching TV" is about living and seeing people.
Very clear is: "I was supposed to know these people but don't in real life" is wanting to know new people.
And a lion always makes me say the social area, which might seem scary when it's new, so boldness or courage too. They are social big cats.
So lying on the sofa back is like not doing it or maybe part of you not wanting to, so maybe you don't want to draw attention to it.
Maybe that kept you awake before, just as keeping it as a dream allowed you go sleep after.

This could explain your other dream quite well I think.

Re: Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:49 pm
by February
Interesting. I'd forgotten I'd posted that one.

Lucid Dream/SP/Vibrations/Loud Noise In Ears

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:51 am
by RafaelBic
I finally had a lucid dream Sadly, it wasnt that impressive. But anyways, this is what happened. I was in a random field, and it was crowded. Then I thought something like Hmm, this field is never crowded. Oh wait, Im dreaming I woke up shortly after that, but I remember trying to fly I think it worked and making a plate of food appear, but I woke up before I got to eat it. Funny thing is, the field my dream took place in has NEVER appeared in my life, but I guess my dream made it seem like it did.
I think I forgot I was lucid in the short time the dream lasted, but next time Ill try to make it last longer. I remember spinning around and thinking "Im dreaming." to stay lucid, but I guess that didnt work.
Oh yeah, the whole time there was this strange sound in my ears. I guess it was like buzzing? I think I got annoyed with it and that might have made me wake up.