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Need your opinion

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Need your opinion

Postby JustAnotherStar » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:22 am

Hello everyone i just wanted to share my experience with you with lucid dreams...
I've been having quite a lot lucid dreams lately...basically everytime i dream nowadays i figure out quite quickly that i am dreaming...i was so fascinated i could control my dream that i begun to be obsessed with them and i constantly tried to manipulate them and find ways to wake up whenever i want...so if i had a bad dream i was forcing myself out of it...if not i was just having fun with it you know...i really see it as if i am training i have a clear mind and i can choose and make desicions freely...but yesterday i had the worst experience ever which lead me to the question 'Does forcing yourself out of a dream can have bad effects on your health or affect you in any way?'

So let me tell you about my experience...yesterday night i was sitting on my computer doing stuff then i finally got tired and decided to get some sleep...being so tired i believe i slept deeply right away...suddenly i find myself back on my pc...in that exact moment i am sure that i am dreaming...so i decide (for no particular reason) to cancel my dream but first i choose to lay down on my bed which is next to my computer and then wake up (maybe cause i though it will be better to cancel it in the current state i was before seeing it?).No idea but i just decided it....so it happened right then...when i turned myself towards my bed i saw a shadowy figure of a skeleton laughing and trying to reach me with his hand...you know i ve heard about dreams that you see those figures and you have to avoid them at all cost or something bad might happen for example if those figures manage to touch you or take you with them...those might be just prejugdements but in the spur of the moment i though about all this so quickly and i managed to shout (which in a nightmare is quite out of the ordinary...most of the times you freeze and you can't even hear your voice struggling to shout)...then as his hand almost touched me i tried to lean back to avoid it and felt like i was getting out of my body...i finally woke up screaming 'NO!!!' i was able to move my body right away and i saw a different figure in the wall in front of my bed...i switched the lights on...then after a while i switched them off again and the shadow was vanished...i tried to figure out what could have caused this figure to appear (like an object or something) but nothing...that shadow shouldn't have been there and her figure was scary as hell...i was 100% awake in that time...i did reality check pinched myself so much i could feel the pain and i knew i was awake...i searched about my dream and i found only bad signs (just saying this for those who believe in dreams and their meaning..i do believe in them)...the information i found was scary but let's not talk about that...what i want to know is 'was that bad dream a side-affect of me trying to constantly cancel my dreams and mess with them generally?can that even happen?is it bad to cancel your dreams for your health or something?i mean dreams play their part in our life and sleep right?)

What do you think guys?
P.S:Sorry for writing such a long text i hope you were patient enough to read it till the end :)
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Need your opinion

Postby Raphael Z. » Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:43 pm

I don't really cancle my dreams xD I tryed to do that when I was a kid maybe but now even if I'm going in certain death I just go with it and dream to the end ;D
But At the end when theres a shadow... that happened for me too once. only for me it was a reaper and when I woke up I could still see the outlines a couple of seconds later.
And I dont really think cancling your dream can hurt your directly... but they can certanly give you a adrenalin boost.
So my interpretation: You saw yourself in the dream from another perspective. Maybe something about your physical appearance or trait is disturbing or unknown to you.
PS: I also had a dream where I was In the bed I was sleeping in and when I looked where someone was in reality there was just a puppet. Or maybe you see the diffrence between body and soul?
Raphael Z.
Dream Child
Dream Child
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