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My first lucid dream

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:46 am
by Cerez
Today i was lucid dreaming and i was trying everything i wanted (except flying, damn. :crying: ) I was sleeping with my favourite actor in rented room, get shot in a leg, visited American restaurant from 1986, talking with a women on my not main language, English, Then i realised you guys from forum said that i need to try to remember some things in dream. I made my 5 things list in dream, but i only remember "Kite". After that i was with my best friends and best teacher and talking about wildlife. When i get bored i woke up very easily.

NOTICE: I was feeling something in my eye, probably part of blanket was touching my eye because i covered my eyes with a blanket during the night. I was scared if i blink that i will end my lucid dream.