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Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:52 am
by thedreamer2
Greetings all. I am working on a paper on non-self characters in lucid dreams. I am specifically interested in spirit beings or supernatural agents (SAs) in lucid dreams. My impression is that they occur fairly often in my dreams and when they do they have a special kind of autonomous character to them. Can I ask: How often do SAs occur in your lucid dreams? Can you recount a recent lucid dream that you have had with an SA in it? When they occur what do they say? Have you ever asked them “Are you real or are you just a figment of my dreaming brain? Can you prove that you are real?” What have they done to prove that they are real? Thanks ALL for any insights you can give me on this…By the way would you classify yourself as a non-believer/atheist or a believer in SAs? Thanks again

Re: Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:03 am
by SlayerOfLight
Most dream characters are like NPC's in a typical RPG game, they behave/act like programmed robots with little to no intelligence. But it could be possible if in rare circumstances a few of them may actually be a supernatural being infiltrating your dream, and controlling it. I may have been through this at least once, if not twice. Who or what this being is I have no idea though, we can only speculate.

Re: Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:53 am
by luna leck
My name is Luna and I have had two supernatural beings my dreams start paralysis then lucid recurring spanning 9years my dream progress. Every dream its not dark not daylight. Start my leg tremor as if I'm having a seizure I could feel movement on my stomach open my eyes a gray cat was circling my bed I tried to move couldn't it felt like stories of being electrocuted. The cat disappeared I was aware of a presence at foot of bed. I do not remember hearing anything but it was frightening could feel evil. I prayed for my dead husband father for help no answer then remembered my daughter in other bedroom. It seemed like I screamed for hours I call her name I saw her come in. A friend next to me never heard me she wake's me. I ask her if she heard me screaming's she said my voice was hoarse as I screamed. Yes u was unable to move saw her come in my room.[list=][/list]
For next six years dream progress cat no longer in dream it begins I know when it is about to happen I struggle with every once of strength think I'm awake go to light switch lights don't come on in in my room. Later same thing struggle get up turn on lights none try phone nothing. About a year ago I can finally get out of room. Still no light will come on. I walk out of bedroom daughter in laundry room. I ask her if neighbors out of lights then notice washer on she says not for you I'm still in dream cause at this point I get up flip switch notice no lights on I'm back in bed it repeats over and over. In June of this year the being appeared in dream instead of daughter chases me I am so frightened in morning It's as if I never slept. Last month I feel it come on in so frustrated with my life. The being only way I can describe is a huge head no body floats looks similar to a wolf instead of fur it has leaves its as large as my bedroom. This dream I'm so tired if it I started cursing running for knife. Telling if it comes back I will kill it I saw it floating towards the woods I woke thought its over. This time I don't get up not strong enough. It try's to fold mattress over me suffocate me I'm gasping for air then realized I'm to mattresses is not big enough to fold over me with no way to breath. I sit up in frozen in fear a shadowy figure its almost as mad of pure mist at foot of the bed. It communicate with words in dream I understand but awake I can not remember. I scream cry pray no help. For seems hours till exhaustion I pass out wake its morning. Please anyone help answer this dream meaning. Don't think I can take much more.

Re: Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:36 am
by operatormike
Dear TD2,

I have not had lucid dreams in a while. Most recently, about four years ago, I remember one clearly. There were no spiritual beings in the dream. However, there were non-self characters. Two were co-workers. These were just markers to indicate where and when events were occurring. The dream did clearly predict the future. There were also two strangers; two young men that I had never seen before in my life. There was one sequence where I was flying along just above the trees. I saw these two guys flying just below me, but much faster than me. They were dressed in sports clothes. Later in waking life, I was walking down a path in the park with my wife. Those exact two fellows came speeding along on bikes and passed us...much faster than me. I believe that this was once again a marker placed there by a spirit guide to spark the memory of the dream and recall the events, so that I would be properly prepared for the future.

I am a believer in spiritual beings although none have visited me in dreams, lucid or otherwise. I believe in God, angels, devils, ghosts (unrested spirits of those who have died), and heavenly visitors (people who have died and gone to heaven, but visit much like an angel would, to bring a message). I believe because of my life experiences. I have encountered Spiritual Agents of all these types, but never in dreams; always while awake.

Like I sort of alluded to above above, I believe that lucid dreaming is a way of tapping into a source of Divine enlightenment. It is like a way to reach the Divine seventh dwelling place of the soul without meditation. So, it does not surprise me if some people encounter SAs while there. I think that Daniel and Joseph and some of the prophets of the old testament were lucid dreaming when they had their prophetic dreams. Daniel was even able to see the King Nabuchadnezzar's dream by dreaming himself. The King would not even reveal the details of the dream, yet demanded an interpretation. Daniel told him that he would interpret his dream if he would allow him one night to sleep. I believe that we can tap into this shared consciousness while lucid dreaming. This is how Daniel was able to see the dream and interpret it.

Good luck with your paper.
Operator Mike