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[Rant/Question] Expert Dreamer - Need Advice

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

[Rant/Question] Expert Dreamer - Need Advice

Postby Deathdealers747 » Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:30 pm

So, I consider myself above the Novice Dreamer, as I have done quite well with Lucid Dreaming over the years. With that said, I have a particular rant/question to ask.

So, basically, in 10th grade, I learned that the reason why I could never defeat Bears is because the bears represent: Me. Not in general, but in a very, very, very specific manner. It scares the living crap of me. Both, because it is a bear and dying to a bear, again, is terrifying, and the fact that no matter how much I fight myself, I will never win - so, what's the point in fighting?

In the same sense, I become so deathly afraid in the dream that all logic goes out the window - that the dream, no matter how unreal, will feel like the most realistic dream ever. Because in that moment, that bear is staring me down, and I have no idea the right move to make.

So, my question is: How can I control myself in a dream that I do not control? The bear controls. But, remember, the bear IS ME, so he is my absolute worst enemy, and I am helpless to fight him. It's weird. It's like he is my subconscious or my evil self, but I cannot control him and his actions are completely unpredictable. Let alone the fact that it takes the shape of the most terrifying form on this planet: A Bear. Heck, I'd be fine if it took the shape of a Fire-Breathing Dragon, but a Bear just scares me crapless.

It's also even weirder what the bear may do, or, rather, not do. In this most recent incident, I was walking up the stairs of some unknown person's house/yard. It was a back-deck that had another set of stairs (3 steps each set of stairs) that went up to the driveway. As soon as I got up onto the driveway/car port area, I felt a sudden feeling of being watched/stalked by someone, or, rather, something with a very strong intent of harm towards me. So, I looked around, until I turned completely around... and, there he was. A big, effing, 1200-1400 lb. Grizzly with a HUGE face staring at me in a nonchalant manner. Even while scared crapless, I could make out the details of it. He was standing in a very relaxed manner, leaning on the top post of the stairway (the stairway to the car port/driveway), with his hands folded and looking at me in a sincere manner. Then, he dropped down and went in the direction of the house - away from me, but sort of as if he wanted me to follow him. Of course, I woke up due to the sheer magnitude of the fear instilled within me, so I couldn't choose to follow him.

So, all in all, my question is: How do I get over the fear of my own self? Literally, my own self. Because I want to follow him out of curiosity, but the curiosity only comes when awake, not within the dream.
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